Tuesday, January 7, 2014


We are a week into the new year and I am already behind on blogging!
I have kind of been in a bad mood with illnesses, a house in shambles, and trying to convince myself that 2014 was actually the year of the horse and not the year of the divorce!

I wanted to be in better spirits before I started typing, and tonight I finally am!

Maddox spent the day before NYE in bed, running a low grade fever and finished it off by vomiting.
Lance was run down and achy, but they both popped out of it the next day.

Lance skipped right past me at the stroke of midnight and traded Mommy kisses for Maddox and Beckham kisses--
and then my mom and I burned not one but TWO batches of cabbage the following day,
So per the superstitions; things weren't starting well.

My aunt Monica, Uncle John, cousins Courtney and Johnny, and her baby Sydney, flew in from South Carolina--
We all stayed the night at my mom's on NYE and played games and snacked and laughed.
My brother's family were sick so they weren't able to come-- and were missed,
but we still had a great time together.

New Year's day we ate our black-eyed peas and slightly-seared cabbage along with a big, yummy, traditional meal….
and then went out and walked our land.
The weather was amazing and the boys had a blast!
Maddox brought string, which he said that it was good in case of a bear attack!
Luckily, we didn't encounter any!!

Thursday we met up with Candace and her crew at Chickfila.
I realize that we eat there a lot. 
And thankfully, it was mild trip. 

Friday, our friends The Ponce's drove an hour to jump with us!
It was the first time that I have seen it crowded-- since we usually go during toddler time and share the entire building with about 10 one-year-olds.  But at least it gave Maddox a chance to play with kids his age for once.  They played more games than they could count in dodge ball-- and he had a blast with Lucas; who is so sweet to him.
Katie is so tiny and cute and she played in there with the best of them!!
Sometimes she got the game, and sometimes she pranced around like the princess she is without regard to their silly rules.
B… whined.
The entire time.
He didn't care one thing about jumping, but instead spent the majority of our 3 hours there watching Mickey Mouse on my phone.
Thankfully Amanda doesn't judge--
and she has a 2nd kid too…
and in true form, they both shed a few tears!
We laugh now at our years of growth, where we finally can just ignore and move on!!
We also laughed at how pathetically out of shape we are.
I was sore for 3 days afterward!

Saturday my mom, my sister, Beckham, and I went and had lunch and then went to look through houses being built for ideas, while Lance and Maddox worked on Lance's truck with his dad.
It was a lot of fun.
And overwhelming.
I'm thinking about just letting her be me and let me know when it is all finished and ready!
Or robbing a bank so that I can afford the land work, the house I really want, the well, the road, a designer while we are at it, and a maid.
I'm kidding…
Kind of.

Sunday I was on call.
Flu is here.
I hope all my loved ones got their flu shots because it is already proving to be a terribly bad season.

Monday was our honey-in-love, Audrey's, birthday.
The boys bought her a little Webkin's puppy and a balloon and we met her and the rest of the Addington clan at CFA (once again) for a little celebration.

You know we can write a book on our adventures to that place.
This trip was no exception.
First of all, Maddox insisted that he wear these glasses with the fake mustache.  He seriously thought he fooled people into thinking he was a 40 year old when he put them on and even asked if I thought people would think he was the owner of the store!!  We got tickled watching him giggle at himself and say, "it never gets old" as he slid into character.
Then things got dicey as Ellie came out of the play area holding her inner thigh (almost up to her private place) telling us that a little girl just bit her.
Candace yelped, "she BIT you??  ........THERE????"
And we turn around to see to culprit, who-- I kid you not, is covered in a rash that neither Candace nor myself (who have a combined pediatric nurse experience of almost 2 decades) have never seen.
It was awful... and head to toe.
We were thankful that Ellie was up to date on her vaccines, and said a little prayer that it wasn't infectious.
Not ten minutes later, the birthday girl comes out holding her cheek, saying a little boy pinched her.
When I saw this little hood-rat peeking around the corner, I was thankful that is all that happened to her.  He might have been in a gang for toddlers... seriously, he had a gold chain and everything... like a little mini Eminen! And I'm scared that his next move might have been to shank her!
Luckily it wasn't his first assault of the day and the mom decided to pack him up and leave on that note.
Then there was the fireman who all but asked Candace to marry him.
How do we know he was a fireman... because he worked it into the conversation twice-- as well as telling Candace what he spent on Christmas, while following her around the place awkwardly begging for more conversation.
B left the place with a huge scratch across his face and two on his back, and I have no idea where they came from, but my money's on the little rapper?
Which brings us back full circle to Maddox-- who punched the fireman's kid in the stomach.
You read that right.
My child, who I have worried will be bullied and ran over once he starts school, whopped a kid for growling at he and Ellie in their face like a lion.
I wasn't even mad-- I was too wore out and shocked I think-- and Aunt Candace had already made him apologize and got on to him by the time I found out.
Secretly I was a little proud that he was taking up for a girl-- although the kid didn't cry so he proved he's a rookie...
A 40 year old rookie; who's probably now in a gang.

The boys and I slid over to Target for groceries, which is about as fun as a pap smear-- and then we called it a day!

That night call was eerily slow and B was ultra whiny...
Lance was over it and down to his last whimper of patience, but my mommy instincts knew there was more to it...
At 3:00am he proved my intuitions true and vomited all over our bed... again at 4:00am... and he spent the rest of the day laying on me, crying, moaning, telling everyone who came near him that he didn't like them, and sleeping.

He vomited again tonight, then got a tiny boost of energy, and finally crashed at the end of his bed for [hopefully] the night.

Lance cleaned the entire kitchen for me without me asking and I finally got a chance to sit-- alone.

Tomorrow, my mom is coming over to help me start packing and tossing--
I can't believe this is still real!

2014.  It is here.

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