Monday, December 2, 2013

He loves me.

Lance hates cigarettes.
And sour cream.
And bad calls in football.
He hates for cotton balls to touch his hands.
And ranch dressing.
He hates OU.
And A&M.
And for games not to be televised in HD.
He hates most vegetables.
And for the bottom of his feet to be touched.
He hates liberals.
He hates to lose.
And hates to be lied to.
He hates dirty spaces.
And usually change too.
He hates snakes.
And he hates cheaters.
And he really hates to see our boys feelings hurt.

Lance hates a lot of things…

But he loves me.

Happy anniversary Babe!
Thanks for making me laugh, making me cry, giving me two blessings we calls boys, and being my best friend of 12 years.
We are a strategic combination that somehow always works.
Seven years of marriage later, I am still lucky to be your bride.


  1. Such a fun post about your hubby! Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful time of year for a wedding! You guys are precious....all of you! Congrats!

  2. How sweet! Love it. Happy {late} anniversary!