Thursday, January 17, 2013

more news and lots of pics

Two weeks ago the biggest issues on my plate were the fact that Maddox barely eats and that Beckham has barely changed in a  year.

Whoa, what a difference a week makes.

Last night this world lost an amazing woman.  She was funny and ornery and capable of doing anything a man could do, by herself.  I have written multiple blogs about the greatness that I have always believed that she is, and even named Maddox after her.
Selfishly, I am sad.  But to demand more than 97 years out of someone who, until the last year of her life, was completely independent and self sufficient is ludicrous. 

She knew her maker and has been ready to meet him for a decade.
Maybe I have prepared myself, or maybe I am in shock-- but instead of spending my day crying, I am trying to remind myself the things I know about Heaven.
All of the colors and beauty that Mamaw is getting to see right now.
Being reunited with her mom and son... friends gone before her... and maybe rocking little Stacy.

It has been a trying week for our family... with Beckham, my sister's best friend being Careflighted from a wreck and now the loss of Mamaw, but we are getting through.

I want to thank you all for the sweet and caring words.
I have been surrounded with so much love and support it is unreal.
Still daily, we are getting calls, emails, texts and mail from people who care about our little love bug!
I means a lot.
And the cycle continues today with the news of Mamaw.

A special thanks to my best friend, Amanda, who didn't get mad at me when I called her for support this morning and completely let it trump her extra special day... her thirtieth birthday!!

I believe happiness is a choice, and know Mamaw was a very no-nonsense type person.
I will do my best to celebrate her life and choose happiness, but I can't do that for everyone else.
At this point, I just would like prayers for our family-- as we all adjust to all of the changes around us.

Finally, I'll post the blog that I started last night, (before the news) full of some pictures... in no given order, to maybe lighten the air.

{I use to post everything on Instagram because I didn't want to fill everyone's newsfeed on FB-- and no one was on Instagram to bother.
But now I have lots of friends on IG and I have the same feeling of not wanting to be the over-poster-- so I post them here.
I don't feel bad about it though, because this only falls in front of your face if you search for it.}

So here goes:
(I realize that there are far more of Beckham but Maddox is in school 2 days a week-- and a lot of these pictures come from the days he is in school-- and lets be honest, that little quote below is pretty true!)

And for the record, Beckham is 110% back to himself... and I probably forgot to mention that he had a slight ear infection at our follow up appointment-- so even the antibiotics are in full effect now, and he is as happy as he has been in a while, just dealing with a blistered bottom now!

B still confused and loaded on drugs, but attempting to play.

Minutes before the disaster.
Looking at the progress on Dadd'y new store!
We love our Firehouse Subs!
That's a lamb.  On my head.

Cabela's shopping.  They don't call me bargain-Holly for nothing.  I saved $60.
P.S.  no one calls me bargain Holly.
Although they might should?  Seeing that Candace and I made the journey across town for bargain groceries this week.
She sold me on the journey when she called it the Ross of grocery stores. 

There were lots of tears this week.

And sleeping.
A birthday party for our friend Emma.

And a silly mirror that brought us a few laughs.

Snuggle Beck with all of his vices.

When he finally found his smile.
Maddox the teacher of all things useful...
like computer time, and where to find all of the lost balls.
More mad time with Beckham.
And happy time with Daddy.

Sleepy time...

Hair time....
Play time...
Silly time...
Sleepy time.
Matching pjs.
A lab check off for momma.
A great bump...

A crappy wreath...
And dinner with my favorite dudes.
2013, you've been a real wreck...
I'm going to try and stay positive though and push through.


  1. Your sweet Mamaw, oh friend, I'm so sorry. You are so right though, 97 amazing years is about all you can ask for, and her life is just now beginning with Jesus.

    You know I love me a good baby crying picture. :)

    I am praying for you and your family, you've been through a lot this year already. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers always, and as you go through upcoming changes.

    I love your wreath!

    "2013 you've been a real wreck". That is one of the many reasons why I love you. You are real.

  2. Ps. I always have a ps....Tell Lance his Firehouse location at Sam Moon will be our new favorite. :)

  3. Holly- I'm so sorry you lost your Mamaw. I can tell she was amazing blessed you were to have her for so many years. And even though she lived a long life...losing someone is never easy.
    Your family has been in my prayers...I'm so glad Beckham is back to his old self!

  4. Sorry for your loss but I think you have a great attitude and outlook towards her wonderful 97 years! I loved all the pictures, and woudln't mind at all if you blew up my instagram feed with pictures of those sweet faces, and yours of course! I laughed at the "Hair Time" picture b/c I'm trying to figure out why you have a pink salon chair and play flat iron. Those will be two great future husbands if they know how to do their wife's hair every morning!!! Your wreath and door decor is adorable!! I know I'm supposed to look at the adorable people in the pictures, but sometimes my eyes wonder around to the back ground...your home looks soo pretty!!

  5. I'm not good at expressing thoughts about loss right now. It comes out being exactly what I didn't want to hear at the time. So all I'm saying is "love you, thoughts and prayers".