Saturday, January 5, 2013

The cure for a sulk-over

1.  write part of it down and share it with someone you trust.  Let them share a few troubles too... and realize you aren't alone.

2.  have dinner with your girlfriends.  And once you're finished eating, sit in the car together, laughing and telling stories until you are the last car in the parking lot.

3.  talk your husband into watching Johnny Football from the bed, snuggled up like teenagers, instead of from his recliner where he likes too, and put the kids down with a movie.

4.  choose joy and let it go.

Today I am new.
Recharged and wishing it were summer...

Lance is at the gun show and the boys and I are still snuggled up watching cartoons.
Church tonight, call tomorrow.

I think I am over my sulk-fest...  alone time:  my cure.


  1. Oh I so need to do this! I have been feeling pretty down since before Christmas. Lots going on and not a lot of time for myself. Once the kids go back to school tomorrow I am going to have some me time just to recharge me. My family needs a happy mom!

  2. why is it so hard to take time for ourselves?! glad your feeling better :) ~leslee