Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

Today we made our annual trip over to Flower Mound to visit their famous pumpkin patch.

Before I post the pictures, I just want to point out how blessed I am to have a husband who enjoys being a part of family activities like this.

Despite Beckham pouring a rather expensive container of powdered eye liner all over his new shirt (that stayed beneath his jacket anyway), finding a red permanent marker (that Maddox leaped in the most dramatic way possible possible to retrieve) , unscrewing the lid to my detangler and attempting to pour it into his lap (insert momma's dramatic leap here), grabbing a pair of scissors and  placing them to his head as if he was going to chop a chunk into his little blonde locks (I had just trimmed my bangs, I promise I don't let him play with scissors), and me backing into a neighbor's (brick) mailbox and jacking up my bumper on my car.  (while on the phone with my husband)...
We had a great day.

Well, Beckham was a bit testy...

But the rest of us had a great time.

After the pumpkin extravaganza, we filled our bellies with some Mexican food from Christina's and then did a super market sweep.  ($100 of groceries in 15 minutes.)

Until next fall little pumpkin patch.


  1. My question is: Who was your photographer?! Y'all got some great pictures!!!

    What a fun tradition. I wish Chris had a more flexible schedule so we could do this kind of stuff together.

    Looks like y'all had tons of fun despite the rough start. Way to make lemonade out of your lemon of a day!!! :)

    1. I had that thing propped up on pumpkins, and signs, and whatever else I could find-- using my self timer!!
      And a random lady took a pic for us too!