Friday, October 5, 2012

from me, from you?

I often think about funny things Maddox says, and remind myself to "blog them".  But I get behind, and I am already rattling to keep up on this thing, that I forget.

His humor is constant, like a few recent comments that come to mind...
Quietly sitting in the back seat of my car, he randomly said that my aunt Missy's house is 'impressive'.
Yesterday he claimed that apple soap mixed with water is the best 'security' for an ant bite...
In response to me asking if he wanted chocolate milk, he said, "do I ever?" instead of yes...
Or when I made him wait to get something the other day and he told me, "the suspense is killing me!"
And finally, today, when I heard him say, "what?!  You want me to take a 2 hour test on my computer?!"  I asked him who he was talking to, he told me that it was "just Jerry.  From South Carolina".

Maybe I don't blog them all, because at the time, they crack us up.
But written here, out of context, they lose a bit of there shock value and humor.

I would say that I am usually classified as "the funny friend".
But honestly, Lance and I both are pretty quick witted...
So Maddox comes by it honestly.

Maddox gets a few traits from his daddy, like the fact that he can pester Beckham until he is blue in the face, watch him explode, and then look to me like , "whoa!  He's nuts", with a huge grin on his face.
Lance does the same thing to me.
And he also likes to steal your carbon dioxide, like Lance, when you are already frustrated and I have to remind them both that I like to breathe.  My own air.

He is like me in the fact that he owns a room when he walks into it, making friends and talking to everyone... even if 'everyone' isn't always interested.
From the day he was born, he has never met a stranger.
He is a child of many words and is incredibly articulate.  Always has been.

Beckham, so far, is much more reserved like Lance.
He is a thinker, and is constantly scanning the room observing everything.
He likes to read people and monitor all of the activity around him. 
It is rare that he lets anyone besides us that he knows well, hold him.
Lance too, is constantly cataloging details around the room.  He notices things all of the time that I would have never given a second thought.
Unfortunately for me, it makes him a really good arguer.

Beckham smiles and laughs and squeals just like the next baby,
but it takes work to get a big belly laugh from him, when Maddox would laugh at a robber in a scream mask.

I want to say that Beckham is very passive like Lance, except he has a terrible case of the 'Eyster temper' and is not very patient at all.
Maddox is much more like Lance in this department.

But also like me, Beckham is a busy bee and quite determined.
He is constantly working to disassemble and understand the makeup of every toy he plays with.
We joke and say that he is going to be an engineer.
It blows our minds every day the tasks that he is already able to do that Maddox took much longer to master and sometimes still struggles with. 
Like screwing and unscrewing lids.... eating with utensils... drinking without a lid... brushing his teeth... and that boy wants to tee tee in the potty like no body's business.

Like Lance, Maddox is very affectionate and never neglects us with the 'I love yous', 'the house looks great mamma' or telling me I look like a princess.
He is a cuddler, a kisser and a toucher.
On second thought, that's a trait from me!
I remember that Lance thought it was weird that I still sat on my mom every time he was at my house when we first started dating...
I like to touch people.

Beckham is much more selective with his loving but it makes kisses, hugs and pats from him feel super special, because you know he decided that you were worth it, in that moment.
Which is honestly how I fell about Lance's compliments.
Lance touches and cuddles and snuggles.  A lot.
More than me, actually.
But he is very selective with his words.

Beckham is very brave!
Maddox has become more-so within the last year, but Beckham came out of the womb, curious!
He loves to climb and it is common to find him standing atop the kitchen table or the slide or trying to scale up furniture.
He is also so tough, he falls down and just hops back up...
gets an ant bite and we never are the wiser until we see the spot.

Maddox is more a scaredy cat, like me, and can be a drama queen when it comes to pain.  

A couple of days ago my mom came over and she just came on in like she always does.
I knew she was coming, but I didn't know she was there, so when she came around the corner I screamed as if she were an intruder!
Maddox said, "Gigi, don't do that to my mommy.  She thought there was a wasp!"
I tend to over-react.

Beckham loves shoes.
And as much as I do... his daddy probably trumps me.
This morning, Beckham got out of the shower and tossed him on a pair of my heels.
One Antonio Melani and one Gianni Bini.
I sent a picture to his daddy.
No response.
It is nothing new for him to wear someone else's shoes... that is constant around here.
But I think he liked the clank the heels made on the wood floor.
Or maybe the way they elongated his legs... I haven't decided!

Maddox's hoarding vice is junk.
Tiny toys and pieces of straws or crap he collects.  It is sometimes hard for me to differentiate his trash from his treasure, and when I can get away with it.  I discard.
One word here:  Lance.
I hate clutter.

Like me, Maddox is self condemning and wears every emotion his heart has on his shoulder.
Often times it is hard to get him in further trouble because he punishes himself worse than we would ever want to.

I was the same way.
I was terrified to disappoint my mom and I would take a spanking any day over her refusing to talk to me or ignoring me.

Beckham, I think is going to be a bit more like Lance.
He can be ornery and kind of stubborn in that he will find the line, and push just an inch past it to find his mark with us.
Lance was a notorious handful as a child but I was a pretty ornery child too.
We are owed much more than Beckham or Maddox either one have layed upon us, yet.

The reason I started this 'his and hers traits' blog, actually, is because the older Maddox gets, the more often I see that he too has that unfortunate trait of my anxiety.
I am not sure if it was in him from the time he was conceived, or if my fears rub off on him.

Today, I heard him say, "Oh my God" while he was playing.
I turned around and told him that we don't say that because it is disrespectful to God.

He came back in the bathroom a few minutes later in complete hysterics.
He asked if he could "whisper me a secret" and his secret was that "he disobeyed God".

I started telling him that we all disobey God everyday and that is why Jesus came and God forgives us anyway...
but it turned into bigger tears and him telling me that he never wants to go to Heaven.
And that he doesn't want to die.
I was trying to explain that it will be a long time before he or I go to Heaven and that we needed to calm down.
No one is dying.

I was trying to say the right things, but honestly my own anxiety was tipping the scale as I started worrying that this was a warning or something.
Who's dying?
Where is this coming from?

And more importantly, Where is your daddy when I need him?

I finally just told him that we both needed a snack...
because he is like his daddy, in that, snacks fix everything...
and it has seemed to revert him, enough.


  1. Such a cute post will love that you have this all written down someday!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Your sweet boys...what a treasure to always have this. And good job tackling the tough subjects!

  3. Love this one. I hope you print it out just in case the www ever crashes this would be one you wouldn't wanna lose!

  4. I still sit in my mommas lap sometimes too =)