Tuesday, October 23, 2012

greatest hits

Every time we go to see my Mamaw, she tells us the same stories over and over.
They typically aren't anything amazing, but it is fun to see her put herself right back in that place, 50, 70 or even 90 years ago.
It is like she has the greatest hits album of her life, on repeat.

Sometimes, when the boys and I are dancing in the kitchen, or playing cars, or pretending to be super heroes, or cuddled up on the couch, or laughing so hard we can't talk...
I wonder if this will be on my greatest hits album.

I see this glassy look in Lance's eye sometimes, where I am not sure if he is about to cry or laugh but it is usually followed by a hug to me or one of the boys, and I know he feels the exact same thing.

I have had such an amazing day with the boys, today.
Doing nothing more than what we usually do.
But somehow I took away the pressure that I usually have hanging above my head of the endless list that has to be completed,
and we played.
And we danced.
And we laughed.

Today, I am soaking it in to every pore of my being and just feeling abundantly blessed.

I don't want to stop long enough to add pictures,
I just wanted to document this feeling so I could try and remember it again.
And maybe help me to slow down when I take for granted this time, in the future.

I tend rush through the days worried about what lies ahead, but apparently at the end of life, these are the days that we will cherish the most.

I have always found it interesting, that patients in the nursing home that can no longer can remember their own name, still rock.
Back and forth as if they still have a newborn to their chest.

And hopefully, one day, when Maddox or Beckham get married, and they grab their wife to dance in the kitchen, despite her unwashed hair and her broke out face...
they will be thrown back in to days like today,
And will soak it in too.
Just another melody on the greatest hits album.


  1. Holly! You got me on this one. Loved EVERY SINGLE WORD! And, of course I'm crying.

    Boyd is spending tonight with his meemaw, and this makes me want to go snatch him up and bring him back home. These days are so fleeting! I hope, like you, that I'm storing up sweet memories for Boyd.


  2. I adore you and the way you wear your heart on your sleeve. Love coming over here! Awesome post!

  3. this was beautiful holly! glad i popped in again:)
    what a special mommy you are.
    have a happy day

  4. What a great post...it made me cry. I so feel the same way. My kids are getting so big and I just want to stop it I want them to be little again. Last night I was just done and all three kids wanted me to lay with them. I told them all no. Then Parenthood came on ..so sad this season. When it was over all the kids were well asleep but I went and just sat with them and told them how much I loved them. I really wish I would have done that when they were awake.

  5. Soak it in....love it so! Sweet days that last a lifetime. It is making them into the men they will one day be. Keep at it!

  6. Holly, I love your 'Greatest Hits Album' and I hope you have some happy memories of our time together as well.
    I love you so much...