Sunday, October 7, 2012

Over the weekend...

A cold front came in.
Maddox had soccer pictures and a game and we were almost frozen solid after it was all said and done.

Lance asked him on the way to the game if he was ready to play, and he said, "yes Daddy.  I did 100 push ups in my room this morning before we left!"

He didn't.  But he did make another goal this week, and I wish I had videoed it!
His kick took so much energy that he fell and somehow his head took the final tap into the goal.
It was so unorthodox that he had no idea he scored!
I was cheering and giving him a thumbs up but it wasn't until the game was over that he understood why?

Beckham and I were his only spectators this week so he only scored $2 rather than the loot he took home last game!
He did call his Pop though, as soon as we were in the car, to let him know he owed him a dollar.
That he will save.
Because he is a hoarder.
Like his momma.

I have mentioned before that the soccer organization we play for is a bit different that the others.
We only play 4 players on 4 players... no goalie... smaller fields... and tiny goals.
I love, love, love Upward.
The entire process of soccer is centered around Christ, more than soccer.
We don't take score.
We cheer for all of the kids.
Both team's parents sit mixed together.
The ref gathers all of the kids on the field before the game and prays with them.
And after the game, they each receive a sticker, acknowledging something great or Christ-like that they did.
(help another team mate up, pass the ball, etc.)
I am not competitive and I think this was hands-down the best place for us to start our sports career.

This week's half time speaker, gave her testimony about her marriage falling apart and then coming back together and finding Christ in the process.  She was doing her best to tackle it without tears, but her husband walked up and put his hand on her shoulder and she lost it.
And... you know me...
I did too.

I found my seat, ready to watch the second half of the game and I got a text:

I have 3 sister in laws.
I think the world of each of them in their own way.
This particular one, I am the least close to, and unfortunately we hardly see.
She is not someone I would just call or text at random, and from what I do understand about her, she's not one to pour her heart out, so this meant a whole lot to me.
More than she understands, honestly.

I do like her and think she is a wonderful momma and I did remember this day she was referring to..
But I did not remember this actual situation.
At all.

Twirling the boys is what I do.
Kissing them like a mad-man is part of my make up.
I love my kids loudly.
But I also discipline loudly and laugh loudly and cry loudly, and probably mess up loudly too.

I worry a lot that I am doing everything wrong.
I wonder if I am breaking them down when I let every emotion show, even those of disappointment or anger, and if my kids would be better off if I was someone who hung on to that middle margin, a bit better?

I have tried to learn to control myself over these 4 years,
And though parenting has been a constant learning curve and full of adjustments, I don't think the middle fits me.
They know when I am upset, but they both understand the magnitude of love I have for them and how proud and overwhelmed I am with happiness they give me too.

I guess I just appreciated her words of affirmation and I wanted to remember them.

And it reminded me that it is important to tell people when they move you.
It certainly made my day.
And possibly my week.
Probably the way I parent too....
obviously people are always watching... good and bad.

After soccer, we grabbed lunch to go from Chickfila and then turned the trunk of my car and a basket full of blankets into a watching zone for the airshow.

Beckham and I left after an hour or 2, because he was restless and tired and ready to go...
Maddox toughed out the cold with his Daddy, until the end.

B was asleep, 2 minutes back on the road.

Last night I had my 10 year high school reunion.
My mom is camping and Lance is being stubborn about asking his family to help, so I had to go alone.

I did chop off my bangs before I left and then panicked because I wasn't sure if I liked them but there was no going back.
My friend Katie didn't even recognize me for a second but immediately thought I looked like Zooey Deschanel...
And crazy enough, this picture is who I used as my reference.

Yeah... it's a stretch...
But still.
The bangs?
You dig?

We only graduated with 42 kids in my class, but we only had 11 people, I think, turn out last night.
Nonetheless, we had a great time together and I am glad I went.

I made it in around 1:00am and we had a cookout at the church that hosts Maddox's soccer, this morning.
Maddox begged to wear this tie with his outfit...
and I thought it was funny, so why not?!

We showed up a little late, so we didn't check the kids in, instead they sat with us through the service before the luncheon.

This church is much smaller than Gateway and we have never kept the kids with us so it was work an experience, to say the least.

In the midst of the sermon, the pastor was talking about accountability and asked the rhetorical question, "Say it... Hold me accountable."
And Maddox belted out, from the back row, "hold me accountable".
Quickly all eyes were on us and giggles filled the room and Maddox just put up his hand and said, "I said that."  Proud as ever.

After the yummy BBQ with the airshow still going on overhead, we came home for a family nap.

It felt good, and then Lance headed out to play softball and the boys and I snuggled up and played.

Beckham decided tonight that he was ready to add another word to his vocabulary.
He now says, "momma", "dadda", "bubba", "dipe dipe" (diaper), and "BAT"!
He did it 4 separate times, for Lance and I separately, so I think it is fair to take it out of the fluke category!
You can bet we will be all about playing with bats tomorrow to keep this up.
And then moving on to ball?

I completed another lab this evening and am about to head back to bed.

This week coming up is my final week in my 2 classes.
I have a quiz, a paper, 2 labs and 2 tests due.
Add that to keeping my friend's baby 2 mornings, and working in the office 2 mornings and taking call 3 nights...
I am going to be pulling my hair out.

And infusing my bloodstream with coffee!

See you in a week.
When the torture is over!


  1. I LOVE the bangs!!!! You're a great mother/wife/babysitter/'re super woman! You can do it!

  2. Yep, I totally dig the bangs. I want some!!!

    I didn't hear the testimony, but knowing that someone can step up and put their train wreck into words for other people is just amazing. I admire those that can inspire others with their trials. And, I cried.

    I also contInued the tears when I read that sweet text from your SIL!

    Yay Beckham and his new word! He just wants to keep you in suspense waiting for each new word. 😊

    Maddox is so funny. We're going to have to get together sometime so I can see this little character in action!

    You know, I just finished telling Chris yesterday that I'm pretty sure my pee is straight coffee. Seriously. I know that gross, but I drink a LOT of the stuff.

    Good luck keeping your cute new hairstyle intact while finishing up your term. Don't pull out too much!

  3. You. Are. Gorgeous. I keep thinking about bangs, but I am chicken. I want to go shorter too but to be honest, I don't want to confuse my Dad. I really need him to keep recognizing me since Julie gave him the idea we have a third sister.

    You just keep showing those boys love and you keep showing them right from wrong. You can't go wrong having as much passion as you do for your family.

    Loved the pics from the reunion. You had a great class and each face brought back memories. I can still picture your handwriting on papers. I have horrible handwriting so I am fascinated by people whose writing is pretty and curvy and rounded and neat. (I'm weird, it's a teacher thing)

  4. You look gorgeous at your reunion, but then again, you always look so pretty! And, 10 years? I'm old, because we had our 20 year this summer. agh.

    OK, just asked Boyd and he said he got the push ups thing from the cartoon Peppa Pig. Does Maddox watch that one? That is too funny that we both blogged about it. I love it!

    Very cool that Beckham added another word to his vocabulary. He's getting there. :))

    That text and then the story from your SIL is beautiful. It's so nice to hear when you made an impact on someone without even realizing it. I am so glad she texted that to you, because we all need to hear things like that. I think you are a wonderful mom and I say keep doing what you are doing, because you are doing it right.

  5. i love the bangs!!! and way to go beckham on another word! ~leslee