Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have not blogged in a few days, mainly because I have felt so negative lately, and no one wants to read that! And, mother nature, the dreaded beast, also popped up... man I miss those 2 years of not seeing her! I am going to blame her for the mood!

With Thanksgiving coming near, I thought I would list a few things I am thankful for.... and I am thankful for so much more!
  • Maddox. I do not deserve him, but I am thankful for him. Massively, passionately, deeply thankful.
  • Small towns. Though they have their faults, there is a "homey" feeling I get just from driving through. I miss the country.
  • Understanding a "mother's love". What an awesome thing. Something you can't describe until you live it. My mom warned me.
  • My front loading washing machine. Laundry is much more fun of a task with it.
  • My husband. He is a great guy. My best friend. And a mold for an exceptional dad. I consider myself lucky to have him. We make a perfect team.
  • Chai tea. Mulled cider. Iced caramel lattes and any other drink that makes me think of fall.
  • My mom. Though we butt heads at times, she listens well and understands even better. I Love her.
  • Music. All kinds. Accenting all moods.
  • Computers. Cell phones. And pagers. All of which allow me to pick up a paycheck while staying at home with my sukie bear.
  • cherry vanilla cokes.
  • Kind words. I make a point to compliment strangers and call managers when someone is really good at their job. It always makes my day when someone I don't know compliments me or tells my boss that I am good. I pass it on!
  • Amanda, Wendy, Candace, Kimberly, Kristen, Whitney, Randi, Holly, Malerie, Autumn.... and all of my other friends that I go to with questions, doubts, tears, laughs, etc. I love each of them for different reasons and so thankful for them individually.
  • Animal crackers. Which work as a reset button to my crying boy.
  • Pine-sol, Lysol, bleach and all other smell good cleaners.
  • my father-in-law.
  • Icing. homemade please.
  • video baby monitors. That let me check on my precious cargo all night long.
  • my family. and all of the things they do that make me crazy. It makes for good conversation pieces.
  • fall. the colors, flowers, smells, tastes and leaves.
  • Facebook. What a wonderful thing for nosey people like myself.
  • cell phones... and plans with massive amounts of minutes and unlimited texts.
  • The Black eyed Pea, Cotton Patch, Texas Roadhouse, Babes, & Celebrity Bakery.
  • heating blankets in the midst of winter.
  • game nights with our family.
  • pedicures, massages, shopping, make-up, and other things that keep me girly.
  • my wedding ring. And my watch. My 2 most expensive pieces of jewelry. both gifts from Lance.
  • memories, pictures, and better times.
  • lazy weekends, great services on Sundays, weekend dinners at mom's.
  • my husband's acceptance of me. always. :I'm not athletic. I'm not graceful. I am girly. I don't know about sports... or guns. I want more babies. I am emotional. I am petty. I am mean. I am irrational. I forgive too easily. I want too much. I love too much. I please too much. I can't say no. I am picky. I am high strung. I am hard to live with. I am an open book. And he loves me. I am thankful.
  • Thanksgiving food.
  • Rain.
  • the relationship Maddox has with Lance. They are already best friends. Literally.
  • stress, it reminds me I am an adult.
  • hope and faith. Which shows me the light at the end of this tunnel.
  • Blue Bell Homemade vanilla ice cream with milk on top.
  • Days at home with the 3 of us. Our late night bed time... and our baby who sleeps until 9:00 or 10:00.
  • Hardwood floors, which make cleaning up my yorkie-dogs pee much easier.
  • this year. Though I can't wait for it to be a memory... what a journey we have had. And what a mound of knowledge we have gained. We have learned to find positive in negative situations and cling to faith when we hit a wall. We are a 3-man unit. And a dang good team.


  1. Well, I think I've said it before- I just love reading your blogs :) And I feel special because I was mentioned in this one ;-)

    I hope ya'll have a great Thanksgiving! This Texas weather is already depressing me... haha... it's nasty outside- rainy & cloudy & dark!


  2. again, i need to read these more often! UPLIFTING!!