Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

Since we lived way in the country, Halloween was not a big deal in our family. Never in 16 years of living in Paradise did we have ONE trick-or-treater!! I only remember dressing up one time for our town's fall festival when I was really young (as snow white) but I was probably a cheerleader on other years so it doesn't stand out!! For the most part we did not gush over the day, we just went to the school's festival and had our faces painted or whatever. And we loved it! So making a big hoop-la over Halloween feels a bit silly to me!
But because I don't want my kid to miss out on anything... we dressed him up... and started a tradition this year!
We met Lance's sister's family (Jenn, Gardner, Landry and Dane) and my mom and David (and my sister and her friend Carissa) at Dos Chilis in Bridgeport for dinner... and then we hit up the town for some trick or treating! I thought Maddox would definitely be too young to enjoy it but I was wrong-- he loved it!! We let him walk up to a few doors and hold out his bag (and some people actually gave pretzels-- which he loved, and suckers-- which we let him attack!!) but mostly he just did some people watching from his trusty wagon!!
We ended the night at Chastity and Rusty Coleman's to see Holly and Ryan and munched on some yummy food!
We had such a nice night being with our families... I can't wait for the years to come!

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