Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a mad mommy

I usually try and be funny or sincere with my blog posts and also try to even it out so that it isn't all serious or all laughs either... But today's post is neither. Tonight I am pissed.

It is no secret that I split up Maddox's vaccines. I have said time and time again that I DO NOT think vaccines are dangerous or harmful but we all have issues of anxiety as parents and vaccines are it for me. ...I won't kid you, I have other worries-- but this is one I stand pretty firm on.

I blogged about this anxiety back in the day... I think it was the night before Maddox had his 2 month check up. Lance and I made the decision to split the vaccines and we held firm. I caught SO MUCH slack for that. Every nurse I worked with said things about me being one of "those moms" and would continually drop comments my way making fun of me. One day during a lunch with the Merk reps (a manufacturer of vaccines) the entire luncheon turned its attention to me and my 'crazy ways'. Usually I laugh it off by agreeing that is is a little nuts and then change the subject. But NO MORE. I am done.

I have NEVER pushed my views on others. If my friends ask me my opinion, I tell them what we do for Maddox but then tell them that they should make their decision on their own opinions based on what will work best for their family. When parents call me at work, I tell them that vaccines are perfectly safe and that we have plenty of studies to prove it. However, if I have a mom call me who's child reacted poorly to their vaccines, (like Maddox did when I went AGAINST my mommy voice and did all 5 at his 4 month check up) I will tell them that the final word is theirs and if they would rather do a few less next time, that is their decision and they can talk to their physician about that. I'm sure this would be frowned upon, but we are the patient's advocate, right? And I am a worried mommy too.

Anywho, tonight I was confronted with quite the situation. A co-worker of mine decided to talk about a chick that is having a baby tomorrow and asked if she was going to be one of those 'weird mom's' who split up their vaccines... I said, "like me?" and laughed but she agreed. (this is maybe the 4th or 5th time this particular person has made snide comments to me) I said, very politely, "those weird mom's are just worried moms... wanting what's best for their baby"... she rolled her eyes and said, "and us normal mom's don't worry?" I turned around and started doing my work but immediately started breaking out in hives!!! ...and then I blew up! I dropped some ugly words... we went back and forth a few times and then I begged the question, "how what I did with MY child's shot record affected YOU in any way??" Get over yourself.

And it felt good.

From now on I am not going to laugh it off and act like, "I know... I'm a little nuts" anymore-- I'm going to get all up in their kool-aid! I'm working on some come backs now... Like telling them to mind their own business... or explaining that my kid's SR looks just like their kids, so they should quit being psycho and getting down to dates... or reminding them that their child is as old as me and they had about 80% less vaccines then, so of course they wouldn't worry about it-- they are too old to deal with such issues. Or to shut the hell up, I'm sick of looking at their face. :)

I will admit that I am a sucker. When people are mean to me, I forgive them quickly and try to be their friend later... that's who I am. Somewhat pathetic. But do not... DO NOT question my parenting skills. I will slash your tires for that! (now picture my smirkish-I'm kidding but not really face!)

I still need to post Halloween pictures and pictures from the airshow but I haven't gotten that far yet!


  1. Go Holly! What you did is perfectly normal and much healthier on your precious little boy. Until that person has someone who has been effected by shots, they will never understand or care for that matter. Your decisions have always been great (why do Kristen and I blow you up for answers??)!!! UP HERS! :)

  2. you go girl!! ...and well said Whitney- we obviously value her opinion!!! :-)

    Im' struggling with this flu & swine flue shot mess.....ugh....

  3. One of the benefits/ responsabilities of being called MOMMY is the right to decide what is best for your child. I think you are doing a fabulous job. There is a huge difference in splitting up immunizations and not getting them at all. And you can top that off with a sucker and ice pack : )