Monday, November 23, 2009

poopy pants!

Yes, that is poop in that water! This is about the 4th time in 2 months that he has given me a bath time surprise... but 2 nights ago things got WAY worse!!

We had been out-and-about all day, with Maddox in the stroller or car seat or high chair all day long. When we got home, I stripped Maddox down, with plans on putting him in the bath to soak and sooth his little hiney but his daddy had already "called" his bathroom!

So I let him run around naked, to air out a bit!

And that is when we heard the sound... he was peeing in the corner!

So I cleaned it up and went back to be cleaning the kitchen.

Minutes later, Lance yelled at me to check on Maddox again because, this time, he was "too quiet"-- good call dad! Maddox came around the corner with poop EVERYWHERE!! And by everywhere, I am including his hands and MOUTH!! Maddox had his own poop in his mouth!!

Sorry there are no pictures of that one-- I was in complete disgust and he was quickly swished off to a pre-bath in the sink and then Lance gave up the bath room for a head-to-toe scrub down!

Lance keeps saying that he thinks he is ready to start potty training because he picks up on everything we try and teach him so quickly... I say we need WAY more time!!


  1. That picture is disgusting! haha Kensley pooped two nights in a row in the tub at my mom's house... have you got him a little potty yet? We have one but would rather try to climb in it and stand.... maybe one day she'll realize what it's actually for :)

  2. omg!! how have i not heard that story!! I LOVE those pics!!! That face is priceless!! Lucas had poop in his mouth once! I got up in the morning and I thought he had chocolate on his mouth and I was annoyed at Joe bc I thought he had fed him chocolate at bedtime and not washed his face! Anyways, it was poop! My mom asked why I didn't take a pic and I was like, UH, bc i was wiping poop off of his mouth!!!