Tuesday, September 3, 2013

for the past few weeks...

I try to back up my iPhone pictures to my external HD once a week.
...Partly because I take such a ridiculous amount of pictures, and I like to keep it to a minimum--
but mostly because I have an irrational fear that I am going to lose all of my pictures and memories, therefor combusting the world and all of its people into smithereens.
or something like that.

Just now, I realized that it has been a while since I have uploaded the pics-- so in the true fashion of a neurotic documentarian (a label I just gave myself) I am going to get this blog up to speed.

We went to Gunner's birthday and I didn't get one picture...
Except this one,
of approximately 17 men putting together a trampoline.

A little boy in my house who nightly prays for a "Meof birday party", (and occasionally calls God, "dude", while praying) was blessed,
with a private birthday party,
8 months from his actual birthday.

We had our final day at the water park.


Minus the the transformation I wanted, but was shot down for.

Nicolle's thai Pizza.

A late night, last minute decision for dinner and conversation with some pretty fabulous chicks.

An early morning decision to join my SIL and step-mom on their day of school clothes shopping.   Ending in character tshirts from Julie to my boys and pedicures for the girls.



Oh, that blissful sleeping!










And life lessons after the game.

Maddox ran up and gave Lance a big high five and "atta-boy daddy" after his game but Lance was in a horrible mood and told him that they lost, and it wasn't a good game at all.  Maddox never changed his tone, slapped Lance on the back and said, "well, what do you tell me after I lose?" hopped off the tail gait, and took off playing.

A romantic husband,
Read it again-- it deserves to be soaked in.

I am pretty sure this link changed my marriage this week, as I was completely surprised after work Saturday morning, with a gift, an outfit to change into, (a trip to Target for shoes to match the outfit), lunch at The Woodshed, shopping, the movie "We Are the Millers", and an incredibly uplifting husband.
With the best babysitter in the world already set up to watch my kids--
on opening day of college football.
Talk about love.


Gigi and Pop's.


A little boy who is down right amazing this year in soccer.
I can't wait to see him play in a real game...
Because he stole the show in the practice one.

And tonight, family fun at the park.
Or fighting.
Which is kind of the same thing.

And passed out boys.

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  1. Meof and Dude! I love that kid!!!
    I'm so glad you made the pizza. I've been craving it, but I've been in a rut lately with cooking. I need to make it soon.
    I love all of your sweet pictures.
    and, family fun also = fighting in our world. :)