Friday, September 20, 2013

We do a lot

Today Maddox and I had to have a "do you know how good you have it" talk??

He's been sassy and entitled lately, and I finally decided that I had been dealt my last sigh.
So today we sat him down and had the talk.

You know, the one where I make him cry by explaining what his day would be like if I worked full-time-- or we skipped all the fun kid-stuff that we do -- about how some kids never get the chance to play sports like soccer-- and then went way over his head by telling him about kids in third world countries without food or shoes.
It worked for about five minutes, and then life resumed.
I realize that it was just a lot of wasted breathing as he will be grown himself before he realizes the sacrifices we take to live the life that we do... 
And though we may not live lavishly,
Lance and I have created a world that revolves around our kids.

Every day, we do our best. 

Last Friday my mom and sister and I took the boys to the dollar movie to see Turbo.
We had never been to that theater,
and it was old and small and not the cleanest theater,
but at a buck twenty-five a piece (and Beckham free),
we will definitely go back!

Saturday Maddox had a soccer game and then my sister came over to watch college football.

Beckham said his first bad word during the Alabama vs A&M game.
I blamed Lance.
Lance blamed crappy calls.
Either way, they both claimed "bullshit"...
and I wasn't pleased. 

Sunday I took Al home.
Mom cooked and the kids did farm things.

We had planned on going to Lance's softball game but I stopped 3 separate times on the way home because B said he was going to "prow up" and I was afraid that  we would be testing our luck!

He never got sick, and once we were home he never mentioned his tummy again.

Monday we went to the Paradise Homecoming Parade.
There are few things my kids love more than hanging out with their cousins...
except maybe catching candy!

We grabbed some food in Boyd on the way home and then ran by Lance's dad's house to say hi.
He is building a shop so the boys were weaving in between the poles, chasing each other, and fighting like UFC.
Lance and his brother were terrible as kids.
Lance's dad was getting a kick out of watching our boys act the same.
He kept asking for hugs and kisses and Maddox would comply but B kept running past as if he couldn't hear him at all.
Finally my FIL asked for a high five instead and Beckham turned around quickly, said "chill fool" and slapped his hand.
I wanted to crawl in a hole but Tony got a good laugh out of it.
...and Lance got another "discussion" on the way home!

Tuesday we cleaned and caught up on laundry.
My boys have simple tasks that they are expected (and excited) to help with.
Like setting the table and putting away some of their laundry.

That started as an idea to develop some responsibility--
but now they love it and want to help sort it too--
which honestly just makes a task that I already dread, double exhausting!

Wednesday Lance was off and we went over to Camp Bowie to look at a potential spot for a new store-- and then over to 8th to see the newest location going up.

We slid over to Softball World and then Sam Moon for mommy a few fun finds too!

Thursday we met our friend Jennifer and her sweet boy, Madden, at a trampoline park in Keller.
It was only $6 for Maddox and B was free, so we might replace our water park trips with bounce days to burn off energy this fall.

We went to Lance's store for lunch afterward--
and to let our little firemen play a little more

We escaped the warehouse full of trampolines with no injuries but Maddox hurt himself that night on the swing-set.
I was on the phone with a patient so I had to run away from him to keep up my professionalism and silently send Lance out the back to the rescue.
We babied the arm for a few minutes but what really got him upset was when I told him that I broke my arm when I was his age.
He curled his lip and tried sucking it up and when Lance asked what was wrong, he said, "I just don't want to think about mommy hurting." and then he really cried. 

And that my friends, is why he owns my heart.

Today it rained.
And against every part of my type A personality,
we played in it.

So there you go Little Maddox...
that was just one week in your tiny little life--
And we do a lot.


  1. You guys definitely do a lot of stuff, most of it fun, most of it family related, and you inspire me to do more. I think I need so many down days a week now, but I find myself kind of feeling yucky if I'm not busy! I love this entire post, but ESPECIALLY the rain pictures. They are amazing, and I want you to make yourself a canvas of that last big one, right before the last collage. ok?! :)

  2. Oh girl! I love me some down time too.
    Honestly, a few more down days would be nice!
    But Lance likes to be on the go and the boys start getting cabin fever before too long and I like to get them out and punish the rest of the world when they get that way!! :)

    Sometimes I wish we hadn't revolved everything around our kids-- and I know it is my fault that they are entitled because it is the only thing they know-- but occasionally I wish they knew just *how* good they have it... not even in the things we do-- but we have friends who ditch their kids off multiple times a week for "adult time", and take trips without them, and spend their money on themselves, and their grandparents see them more on the weekends than they do... I mean, hell, if my kids stay the night away from home, I stay away too with them!!!
    But it is hard to go backwards once they are 5... so I guess I should be frustrated with myself rather than him!!

    Thanks on the pictures!
    My mom wants me to send it in to the weather man!

    1. I know what you're saying.....Kevin also likes to be on the go, and Boyd will drive us all nuts if he's home too much. I guess things just feel so different now since B is in kindergarten. I need to figure out what I want to do now! And yes...we have friends like that too...they act like their kids are an annoyance, and are always leaving them with grandparents, neighbors, etc, and it KILLS me. I think you're doing it RIGHT! We often have to have those talks with B though, about how lucky he is in life. xo

  3. I love that your boys will be able to read their history when they are older. You are already laying the groundwork for them to be terrific dads. :)