Sunday, April 7, 2013

This week.

I got back a few more acts of kindness back...  I have been adding them to the blog as I get them and I think I have gotten 14 on there so far!
We are getting there!

The house has been showing like crazy!
Wait, that's a lie.
It hasn't showed yet, at all!
Not even once.
Any other time, I would say, "it's been 2 weeks, Holly, be patient." Except I know 4 people who's homes sold within 2 weeks recently... and though I keep a clean house in general, I feel like I am keeping a cold home over my need for it to stay spotless!
Last week, I caught myself getting on to the boys for getting toys out in the play room!
It's a playroom for Pete's sake!
And each day that I have it show-ready and it no-shows, makes my crazier than the one before!

Someone buy the dang thing, please!

Lance was off last Tuesday and it was a cool and drizzly day here.. which means that I wanted to put on a pot of stew and lay around...
but Lance needed shorts for work so we headed to Grapevine.

I had a particular pair of shoes in mind on our trip.  I found them, but they were $20 higher than I had seen them before and was certain that I could get them cheaper...
which is where is sucks to be a frugalist...
I bet I have spent over the $20 on gas and time, searching for these shoes.
I still have have not found the $20 cheaper pair, and by the time I make it back to Grapevine, we can guarantee they'll be gone.

I also tend to fall for deals-- and buy things I don't need.
Like the skirts and dresses I picked up at Abercrombie because they were 70% off their sale price.
And way too short for this mom of 2.
So basically, I bought 4 swimsuit cover ups.
And then had buyers remorse for a few days...
and then Lance reminded me they were $5 each.
And I got over it.
See.  This was the pic I sent to Lance, which he replied, "yes."
However, I should have texted mom, who certainly would have confirmed...
Its too short.

Otherwise, there's not much to document about our week.
We went to the park with a few friends after school on Wednesday, but believe it or not, I did not take one single picture!

Beckham picked the lock to my bedroom with a butter knife.

Maddox asked me if I missed our first president, George Washington.  (knew his name without question) and when I told him he had not been alive for a long-long time, he said, "yeah, I guess he had to die so our president, Tomato Johnson, could take over."

Beckham has been the snuggliest, cuddliest, little momma's boy for a few weeks and is saying so many words now it is unreal.
Maddox is so funny.
I honestly, really-really enjoy both of their ages right now.

A light case of gastro has circled through our house this past week and taking call with a belly ache from hell, was not fun.
But I pushed through.

Friday, I met my parents for dinner in Decatur.
Maddox was out cold so Beckham and I "drove" my car and took self-pics while we waited!

Dinner was wonderful and
My parents took my kids for a few minutes and I went grocery shopping alone!

Which is kind of like a mini-vacation.

Saturday morning, Maddox had his first football game.
For a group of 4 year olds, I think they did pretty good!

Maddox had a melt down of tears after he ran backwards into the opposing team's end zone, trying to escape a flag being pulled.
He made them a safety and it was more than his little body could handle.
He cried.
And Lance consoled him.
He finally pulled it together, and ending up getting the star for defense!

He told me after the game that it was "just so indicating."

Last night, Lance and I made last minute plans to go see Stoney Larue in Bridgeport.
Which is so unlike us.
My brother was one of the hired officers working the event and we had a handful of friends there too.
We took the kids to mom about 9:00 and had a great time with each other...
And slept without feet in our backs.
It was nice!

I headed to mom's this morning to gather my chicks.
We cut the boys hair...
Had a little lunch...
And then boys and I came home to a clean house, great weather, and lots of jumping on the trampoline.

Our neighbor came over and knocked at my door to tell me that Maddox had left a credit card in their garage.
It was my sister's debit card!
I texted her, and sure enough, she was missing it...
but the funny part was me trying to convince Maddox that it actually was NOT a gift to him as he found it in his Easter basket from her.
And lucky for her, the icecream truck doesn't take debit, or he might have wiped her out over the last week!

Back to school for my biggest peanut tomorrow, and we start a new week again.

Now someone come buy my house.  :)


  1. Catching up with you and your sweet crew...I didn't realize you are selling your house! That has to be stressful and an exercise in patience. Stay calm and enjoy having a clean house all the time! Wink, wink!

  2. I love your pictures Holly...want to come to California and take some of my kiddos?
    We are going to be putting our house up for sale in the next month or so and I am not looking forward to have it clean all the hard with little ones!
    Love the last picture of your cutie getting his hair cut.

  3. You capture life so well! I adore every photo that you take!
    I love the shot of the army men in the tub.
    Bless that sweet boy about the football game, and "it's so indicating" cracked me up.
    Praying that your house sells asap, and that your house is well again soon! Sick babies are the hardest on a mama's heart.