Sunday, April 21, 2013

A great weekend!

Friday night, I had a GNO to celebrate 29 years of life.
Dinner at Chuys.
The M Lounge to watch my friend from high school's band.
And then some TCU joint, on our way out.

Ten years ago, I would have been so intimidated in a place like that.
Everyone prettier-- with more money-- and all that jazz...
but I had a blast in the 20 minutes we were there.

I danced like an idiot...
And LAUGHED my butt off when a boy asked my sister to tell me that he "liked my dress"...
and then I let him know that I was old enough to be his mom--or babysitter?

I had a great birthday.
With 3 drinks...
5 pals...
And lots of love.

Saturday Maddox had a soccer game and pictures.

We met our family at Pizza Inn after the game to celebrate Beckham's birthday, for lunch.

I have worried a lot about not having a birthday party for Beckham.
It is definitely not in my nature to do that-- as I am usually hand-making the invitations and special ordering sassy cakes...
but I will say; our last-minute-party with our family was just perfect for B.

Our adventure to the Fort Worth Main Street Arts Festival, afterward, was icing on the cake.
Especially since my sister was in town to go with us...
And double-especially since we ran into a blast from my past-- my favorite guy from high school, Zane, and his beautiful wife and daughter.  We spent an hour catching up and watching our loves climb the rock wall.

It was crowded... but a lot of fun.
We were shocked to see Beckham sit so still for his face painting, and close his eyes or turn his head with each command from his painter.
The boys loved their faces...
And they were definitely a hit at the FW Food Park, where we had dinner.

Once again, we were not disappointed in the food park.
The music was good.
The food was fantastic.
And we couldn't have asked for greater weather.

Today, the boys broke into Beckham's gift from Allison while I was trying to clean.
They had a blast playing air hockey...
We had lunch on the trampoline...
And the boys sword fought with each other until I had to stop the fun.
Maddox went to the neighbor's birthday party
and Beckham and I cleaned, cooked and prepared for the week.
This was a great weekend.

Tomorrow my peanut officially turns two, and though he still seems so much younger than Maddox did at each phase... I am excited for his big day!

I love, love, love my boys ages right now.
Both of them.
I love that they can play together and are entertained by the same things.

Maddox is so sweet and loving and smart...
And B is talking so much, adores my existence-- and is Maddox's little shadow.

I love that when they get in trouble, they immediately begin taking up for the other one-- even if the punishment is due to one hurting the other.

Sometimes I actually put them in time-out together--
just because I know that the braver one (Beckham) is going to swing open the door and yell at me a stern 'no', and then Maddox is going to hug him when I remind him that I am the boss.

I love that they are best friends...
and I pray they always stay that way.

They are so fun and I really enjoy our days together.
Especially when Lance is off to enjoy them too.

Other than the stomach bug still following us like a spy...
We had a phenomenal weekend! 


  1. Looks like a great weekend! Sometimes simple is the right thing to do for a birthday now and then. :-) The face painting is amazing, how fun for boys! I now what you mean about different ages and stages with two boys. Lots of fast changes with them, lots of energy and lots of fun. Lunch on the trampoline is a really cute idea too. Ours should be installed too. I'm nervous about it, but I know it will be a fun addition.

  2. What a fun weekend!! Beckham is getting to be such a big boy and just as adorable as his big mighty bro! (I feel like Levi is younger than Cori at this age too!! must be 2nd kid syndrome!!) (btw, you said soccer game, and its a picture of M holding a football....mommy brain go you!! hehe)Happy birthday to You and B!

  3. Dang! I sure did!!!
    I also forgot to post my card from Amy Lou!!!
    --mommy brain, indeed! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Holly! You look great...and more look so happy! I'm glad you have good girlfriends to help you celebrate your birthday. And Happy Birthday to Beckham tomorrow!Two already?! Loved all your pictures.
    I am hoping to send you my picture and story by the end of the day...sorry it's taken so long. When do you plan to post?

  5. Oh man! Just realized I missed your deadline and post! I am sooooooooooooo sorry! For some reason I thought you were posting the last day of April. Things have been so mixed up over here....and lots of things are changing...and I'm clearly not keeping up very well! I am headed over to read your Random Acts of Kindness post! I think I will post mine on my blog and link over to your post...if that's okay! Plus, ours ended up not being so random after all!

  6. What a fun night! I love that picture of you dancing. You are gorgeous! I'm glad you had a great celebration with your sis and with friends. Happy birthday to B too. He is so precious! Now you've got me wanting to go to the Food Park, Chuy's, and downtown FW.