Tuesday, April 16, 2013

good news :: bad news ::catching up

I know these types of blogs aren't fun to read... but I feel like I have to write it all down anyway-- because I never know what my kids will want to read about our lives 30 years from now.  Sometimes the non-important things become the fondest memories.
So that's the fair warning... you can exit now if you want.
This is just a catalog!
The good and the bad.
Last Monday

I dropped Maddox off at school and headed to get the inspection done on my car.
Beckham gave the man a good ear full when he took my car for a spin to check the brakes or whatever-- yelling, "No No!  No, mamma's." and then screaming at him with a waving finger when he didn't mind his command... but I think he was just doing his best to protect me.
Maybe the first of many times in our future together...
because the rest of the day, her was wonderful.  Dare I say, perfect.
He is such a momma's boy right now.
And I love it.

My speaker phone part on my phone had quit working the day before.
Since I talk to my patients on speaker phone when I am on call, so that I can see their demographics and type at the same time-- I had to get it fixed before call Monday night.

I have admitted before, however, that I hate making trips to places like that with my kids.
I get all anxious about it and envision them burning the place down before it is all over with.
It is obviously never the trip I create in my head, but there have been some close calls.

We made it to Apple 40 minutes early for our appointment and I hoped they would get us in early.  Instead we wait about 45 minutes.
Beckham made not one fuss.  He sat so politely, playing an Ipad.  He then crawled in my lap and just sat and people watched with me.

They ended up just replacing my phone, but before that, the Apple guy asked if we could wait another 20 minutes to let them replace the speaker.

B and I slid over to McKinleys and split a slice of quiche and a cupcake while we waited.

We sat at a 2 top table, and he sat across from me like a big boy.
We ate, we chatted, and we had such a great brunch together.
He is talking so good yall, you wouldn't even believe it!
He didn't try and get down one time... or smear cupcake all over everything we own... he just ate.  And smiled.  And talked.  And I enjoyed every minute of it.

He fell asleep as we were leaving there, but being so close to Marshals, I had to make one more stop for the evasive shoes that I have been tracking.
I woke him.
And still didn't find the shoes.

But instead of being a fuss, he woke with a grin and was the sweetest thing on our shopping adventure.

I honestly thought I was going to eat his little cheeks off.

He was so happy to see Maddox and together we jumped on the trampoline, enjoyed the nice weather, and I took call.  (of only 15 calls my entire shift.)

::Good news.
Though Beckham was a peach during the day, he hadn't slept well in 2 nights.
Not only would he wake and cry-- but he would flip all over my bed like a fish on a line-- and fought to get comfortable.
Remember that he had croup over Easter weekend... well, croup turns to snot, and my gut told me that the snot had settled in his ears.

We made an appointment and headed in.

While getting ready, however, Maddox came skipping into the bathroom with the proudest smile ever.  He said that he really wanted to dress himself and then he saw that tie he had been missing and thought it all looked perfect together.
I disagreed of course, but after a little dare from my pals, I let him wear it.
In public.
In front of my friends that I work with.
And to Cici's.
And Dollar Tree.

He was so proud and everyone commented on how great he looked.

Dr Morrow confirmed my suspicion of an ear infection and wrote us some antibiotics and pain drops. 

All in all, though, Tuesday was offering to be as good as Monday.

Or was it?

Within minutes of walking in the door, the boys started going at eachother's throats.
Screaming, crying, tattling... and Beckahm even did a little biting.

Call took off with a vengeance with 21 calls in my first hour.
When each call takes 3-10 minutes, you can guess how behind I got.
None were "emergent", so my inside voice was cursing every one of them and mad as hell, while my outside voice was as fake as a cubic zirconia.
Maddox somehow yanked a curtain (bracket and all) out of the wall...
And I lost it.
Screaming like a lunatic.
Windows were open for the neighbors to hear...
and Lance walked into the massacre.

He didn't say a word to me; he scooped Maddox out the door to football practice and left B with the crazed that was me.
Who eventually took himself to the rocking chair and put himself to sleep while I chased the clock and talked to an endless list of patients.
My heart couldn't hurt any more when I walked in to that.
::Bad news.

Maddox had school and  I carried on with my new phase of letting him dress himself.
From the day he took his first breath, there has been a "no character clothes" rule in our house.
Well, with that rule, comes a child who begs for them-- and family members who grace the request to make me nuts.
As he has gotten older, I have given up on the rule-- and even find some of them to be cute sometimes.
Wednesday, I let him dress himself.
Which may be dumb to document, but if you know me... you know it is big time!
And he was stoked!!

Thursday & Friday 
I have no memory of either day.
I have thought and thought and thought...
So I can't tell you if it was good or bad either one?
It looks good... in pictures.
But we all know that pictures can be deceiving!

We obviously went to Cabelas one of those days and we took silly pictures in bed, ate ketchup on our icecream at Chickfila and rocked our stars to support our friend Kristina and her angel in Heaven... but that's all I got.

We had Maddox's football game.
Lance had to go open the store and I was in charge of dressing the boys and meeting him there.
Good news::  I made it 15 minutes early.
Bad news:: I forgot his flags.

Maddox had one good run during the game but his flag was pulled about 2 steps from the end zone and he did not score.  Honestly, football is harder to get into for me, since it is stop and go and hardly anyone scores... But they played good.  I think?!

We had 2 birthday parties to attend after the game!
One was for a 2 year old little girl and the other was for a 4 year old little boy.
Lance had to work so we were a traveling crew minus daddy.
We had to stay the night at mom's on Saturday because I worked Sunday morning, but after finding out that my pal Erin was an hour away from her home and just down the road from Mom's-- I slid over there and chatted until midnight with a few other girls!
After a day full of partying with some of our bestest pals...
::Saturday was Good news.

Bad news:: 6:00am came early--
but I couldn't complain.

Beckham started vomiting around 10:30... and wouldn't stop.
Mom's had over 30 years experience in nursing a sick baby back to health... but I knew he needed his mommy and I was anxious to get back to him.

There would be periods when he would seem to be over it... and then it would start back up again with a vengeance.

By that night, he would scream if he saw a bucket or the sink-- because I assume he thought they were making him sick!
I decided it was time to trip it home...
and he made it almost there before he lost it all over his seat.

I slept with him in his twin bed and put the other 2 boys together in the king.
He vomited twice more during the night, but woke up hungry, healthy and happy.

::Good news.

Mom rode in with David to work and together we dropped Maddox off at school and then mom treated me to a pedicure and manicure.
I have not had a pedicure since Beckham was born, (and I had never had a manicure in my life) so I had no idea how he would do.
Good news:: he was perfect.
He fed the fish, and he looked around, he drank a bottle of water.  He didn't wiggle, or complain or fuss one time.

Just as we were finishing up, however, I sat him on the ground.  He started screaming as if he had just busted his head open.
I knew what was coming-- but I really only had 2 options.  I could shove him head first into that foot part of the pedicure chair or I could let it splat.
I chose the latter-- and it was a load full.
And in case you can't picture the sound, or the mess--
dump a pitcher of water onto tile... and there you have it.
::bad news.

I was slipping and sliding in it, in my no traction foam flops and begging the girl to let me clean it.
I still hadn't got my fingernails polished, but there was no way I could mention that to my chick.
I was covered in vomit... I smelled like daisies... and as luck would have it-- I started my period too and had a nice little disaster all over my pants.
I wanted to die.

She just kept saying, "is'okay.  jus' go. jus' go.  I do it."
Mom tipped them big... and I just kept thinking-- "what a Monday they have already have... what a mess... MY mess!!!"

I got B some zofran called in and he made a turn around.
::good news.

Bad news::
Maddox woke up this morning and took off running.
He had a poop accident and was so embarrassed.
3 accidents later, he stopped caring.
I tried to talk him into a diaper, but his spirit looked beat down at the idea, so I agreed to keep washing underwear.
Soon, he began vomiting like B... and was confined to the couch and a bowl.
I decided I would let him shed it for a few hours before I throw some zofran his way...
And in the mean time, I bathed Beckham in a pool.
On my kitchen floor.
Because that's what we do around here.
Nothing normal.

Good news:: after a nap; Maddox was back to jumping on the trampoline, singing Ganghum Style and riding his scooter.

Bad news:: Beckham let open the flood gates of vomiting after dinner... again.

Good news:: My kids love to snuggle when they are sick, so I have held them a lot these last few days.  Therefor, besides the illness-- Lance was home for dinner tonight, call was slow and the weather was perfect, and neither he nor I have contracted the virus, just yet.  So today-- gets a good news stamp.  Kind of.
{And I can only hope that if I do get the bug, it comes tomorrow-- as I have no time in my schedule for it otherwise.}

Bad news:: it is midnight and I am still wide awake.  ...as is Maddox.

...and so the cycle continues.
Good night.


  1. Ai yi yi!!! I hope everyone is on the mend now. Sheesh!! Yes, you have no time to get sick...unless you are today or tomorrow (but that would suck because it's your bday). At least your pictures paint a pretty picture. :)

  2. Holly I am so sorry you have had so much sickness at your house.
    I have days were I do not remember what I did as well....scary!
    Hope you can get some sleep!

  3. Love that you let M wear his "styling outfit". I had to let Hunter where stripes and plaid together because I didn't want to bust his bubble. His reasoning was that they were all the same color. He will look back on these pics and smile :)