Friday, February 1, 2013

Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday I dropped Maddox at school and headed to Bible study.
I love this book that we are reading together...
and I already feel more 'clicked' into my marriage.
Afterwards, I met Candace at Chickfila for lunch...
and to return her potatoes back to her.
Our littlests played... and we chatted.

My blogger friend Nicolle was next door at McDonald's and I asked her to come over and play with us!
You know how some people just feel like you've been friends for years--
she's one of those.

Maybe its because we have blogged together for a few years...
or maybe its because she's just sweet.
Either way, I enjoyed our time chatting.

So much, in fact, that I was 7 minutes late to get Maddox!
I emailed one of his teachers in panic-- drove 80 to get there--
and there were still 5 other kids in his class not picked up.
Whew!  I wasn't the last one!

Maddox earned 6 sticks on Wednesday, and that's something special!
(they start each day with 5 and so far he has only lost one, once... if they are extra well behaved, they can earn an extra stick.  it is rare, but we don't let it go unnoticed when it happens)
Usually it means a Sonic slush as a treat.  (which happens to fall during happy hour, so it is a 50 cent treat, nonetheless)... but I had to run to the bank, and so I decided I would up the ante and take them to Yogurt Story.

Except we pulled into the parking lot, they both looked like this!
 But I decided to wake them-- and surprisingly they acted decent.

We had another defrosted, easy dinner-- lasagna this time-- and Maddox shared a bit of knowledge over dinner.
He said, "Did you know God made each of us individual and perfect?"
I said, "yep.  I sure did."
To which he said, "Yeah, everyone in the world knows that.  ....Well, except Egypt.  ...and China."

Thursday Lance was off and we decided to go back to the Stock Show.
It was the last day we could use our Museum passes to get in for free, so we took advantage.
We had a little Joe T's on the way in and mom was able to meet us after she was dismissed from jury duty!

If we omit the stories of Beckham screaming to ride every tractor that we saw, then we can say that the boys were perfect.
We grabbed cookies at celebrity and come home to our 3rd defrosted and quickly heated meal.  (my parents joined us for sloppy Joe's)

Maddox had another Maddox'ism when he told me that something was "harder than a fish in a high haystack."  ...and I think I could probably write a book with all of the made of, "big" words he attempts to use every day.
Truth be told, I don't correct him because I think it's cute-- one day he will realize that "infammable" isn't in anyone else's vocabulary and he will stop using it.
Until then, I'll keep asking, "what?", pretending that I didn't hear him and he will keep repeating the ones that he thinks are probably right, and keep saying, "never mind" to the ones that sound wrong once he re-says them.
And then he will start pronouncing his Ls.
Then Beckham will finally learn to talk...
and then we will just have to have another baby and start the cycle again!  :)

But I'll slow my roll, since your head is already aching from 900 pictures of the Stock Show, and we will save that for another day!


  1. I just love that you were next door that day, and you invited me over. It was so comfortable and familiar sitting there talking with you. Loved it so much! Way to go Maddox on earning an extra stick. I laugh at the picture of the boys both asleep, but I love that you woke them for yogurt. Your Stock Show pics are just so could post 900 more of them and I wouldn't get tired of seeing them. The little boots on your guys are so precious. And, I've been wondering about when you are going to go for another baby?! :))