Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

I love Valentines.
Always have...
Always will.

Because I take call on Thursday nights, we moved our celebratory dinner up a night.

Lance let Maddox pick where he was going to take me on a date, and of course he chose Chilis... but I talked him into watching a chef juggle fire like a ninja... and we had Hibatchi!

The boys had never been but loved it...
And because we went a night early, there was no crowd!

We centered today's meals around the holiday...
with hearts every where you looked!

The boys got mail from Nana yesterday.
As did Lance and I.

And a package from my Dad and step-mom today.

They got presents from Mommy and Daddy...

And Maddox brought home enough candy from his Valentine's party at school on Wednesday to feed a village.

We had a great day.
A day of love.
A day of play.
A day with my favorite people in the world.

Which is what this day of love means to me.

It is also a day to adore that man that I married.
...and not focus on the things that make me want to cut him. ;)

{{The CD is after we watched the Grammy's and Maddox knew every word to every song and Lance didn't know any song... at all!  ...Sports radio plays little Mumford and Sons, so I brought him up to speed.}

Maddox made me this gorgeous bracelet on Monday that I have worn every day since...

Lance treated me to flowers today... a sweet card...

 and this little gadget too.

And because it is the day of love,
I thought I would do a little collage of the things that make Lance unique to me...

Happy Valentine's Day!


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  2. Looks like you had a fun day! I was treated to the iPhone too. Yay!!!!!

  3. What a great day!!! I love the pictures of the boys and all the goods! few notes: Your front door decor rocks, I LOVED the I Heart U spelled in fried rice, heart pizza? LOVE! Grammy CD, awesome, LOVE LOVE your amazing designer bracelet!, I'm jelly of your iphone5 and awesome hubby collage!!

  4. LOVE the collage you did for Lance! At first I thought the balls (hee hee) in the corner were tennis balls and wondered why you never mentioned to me that your husband plays tennis! :)

    LOVE the heart bracelet from Maddox, your flowers and those darling cups with the straws! Looks like a wonderful LOVE day...although I can always feel the love over here on your blog.

  5. My earlier comment was ugly, so I deleted it. :)
    I'm moody.
    Love your post!

  6. Looks like your valentine's day was perfect! What a nice job your man did on your gifts! :)

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    PS: Your comment made my day!!