Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 21

Nine years ago today, Lance asked me to marry him on a carriage ride, right before dinner at Del Frisco's.

I was 19 years old.

He makes me psychotic{er} at times... and I certainly think I cheated myself out of a few years of adventure and finding myself.

But at just 22, he did too.

And along the way, we have figured things out-- and traded travel and finer things for 2 boys worth more than gold.

And it may have taken him almost the entire 11 years to figure it out...
but last night he walked into the house that I left untouched--
with this.

Today was just as difficult...
Because wine, cupcakes and a massage didn't make Maddox breathe better or my 21 month old act right.
But it absolutely helped.

As did the play date with Candace this morning.

And tomorrow...
my 21 month old, turns 22 months.
But he's prepared...
because he is rocking a new do.
And a fierce attitude! 


  1. Love this Holly.
    You're right, cupcakes can't fix things, but gifts like that from our soul mate can sure make things a lot better!

  2. Holly you are so're posts are always the best...I love it over here!
    LOVE the picture collage of you and Lance...boy are you two young'ns!

  3. How awesome for you and beckhams haircut is adorable!! ~leslee