Monday, February 25, 2013

I love yesterday.

Lance was called into work at the last minute, which was a complete bummer.
I was so angry at, aggravated at the situation that I almost stayed home my self.
But I am glad I didn't.

I love being home.

Even though the home my parents live in now was not the home I grew up in.
It still has the same smells, furnishings, food and people.

And since Maddox is no longer wheezing and has been holding his sats up-- I let them play outside.
On his scooter.
The swing set.
The tree swing.
In the leaves.
And they both talked Pop into a ride on the Ranger...

And if that wasn't good enough.
I came home to do laundry and Lance started helping without me even asking...
And then cut into folding to do a little dancing in our bedroom.

I love yesterday.


  1. 1. You are so gorgeous!
    2. I want to squeeze the dickens out of your two precious boys!
    3. Your blog never ceases to make me smile!

  2. So many great pictures Holly! The one of you is gorgeous...your hair is so pretty! I love the one of your mom pushing Maddox on the swing rope...good stuff. And what a cool pic of your boys playing in the leaves...way cool!

  3. I love yesterday, too! Looks like a great day! And your hair looks GREEEEAT! Beautiful lady!

  4. Looks like a great day! Sweet pictures!
    I'm thinking of going and hanging at my mom's for a couple of days this week, although I think I'd rather drop Boyd off there, and come back home, alone. :)