Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday success

My sister in law called to say she and her kiddos were coming to Maddox's game Saturday.
Coincidentally, my sister came home from college too, also planning to watch.
My mom and Dave, my Dad and Julie...
And my cousin, Amber and my aunt Missy and Mike showed up as well. (early for Kyleigh's game)

I had told Maddox on Friday night that he was going to have lots of fans, and tomorrow was the day that he was going to score.

He matter of factly told me that he didn't score, but he could ask his friend Caden or Gavin to, because they know how.

He played so well...
A few thumbs up and waves at us also...
But in the first half, he dribbled the ball all the way down the field and missed his goal by inches!
I was so proud and we clapped and praised him from the sidelines.

Then another mommy came up, talking to me.
I heard my name called a couple of times, but I didn't want to interrupt the other momma so I ignored my family.
Finally the mom took notice and I turned around just in time to see my little buck-a-roo, take his shot and score his first goal!

His look of excitement was priceless to me...
and I may have pulled out a few of my retired cheerleading moves from high school!
(sorry, no picture!)

Lance was jogging beside him the entire way down the field, telling him he had it-- to move left or right or whatever-- and he said it was the coolest feeling see him put it in the goal!

He was so excited, however, that he forgot to do his celebratory front roll for himself!

But Lance reminded him, and he put it down in the center of the field!

Our other point, yesterday was scored by another little boy who hadn't scored before.

Super cool.

Our first goal of many, many, many.
I know.

Upward has been such a blessing to us.
I don't think I have mentioned before, but we play in a Christian organization.
At half time, all of the teams join together and listen to a testimony from a speaker.
We all pray together after, and go back to playing.

They pray together before the game, and at practice and learn scripture together, each week.
We feel blessed to have found this awesome organization.

And blessed that so many of our family members have come to watch our sweet boy grow and learn in Christ and soccer.

Great stuff!

After the game, we went to lunch with our cousins.

We came home for a family nap, and then my mom and sister and SIL came back for a GNO!
My sweet husband agreed to watch all of our kiddos, (even despite him having to wake up early this morning to go to work) and we met my aunt at Joe T Garcia's for Mexican food, margaritas and lots and lots and lots of laughs!

We shut the place down at 11:00 and all crammed onto pallets and cots and beds back home.

I had to work this morning also, but it was most certainly worth my yawns...
The boys played so hard with their cousins, however, they took a late and long nap and we had to all but hog-tie Maddox to get him to sleep tonight.


Oh well, Saturday was a success!

Friday, September 21, 2012

pushing through

After 2 texts, asking me where the blog is, I thought I would catch up.

School was trying this week.
For both of  us.

I failed a quiz in my art class because my shoddy AT&T dumped me 5 minutes in.
I wrote an emotional, pleading email to my professor, who reset it and Friday morning history repeated itself.

AT&T contacted her for me this time, explaining that there were errors on the line on their end, and she reset it once again...  An hour before it was due, and a 2 hour times test.
I called my neighbor, who let me bomb her house late Friday night,
and I completed it.
I kicked it's butt, actually.
And life seemed better.

I also turned off our DSL and ordered UVERSE so I would never have the problem again.
What a joke.
It sucks too, and after talking to approximately 6 representatives, they finally sent a guy out this morning.
Who never came.

Another conversation with a new guy, who is going to start at point A, running all of the same tests we have ran already-- a spilled cup of water onto the iPad, a bonked head and tears from both kids...
I was inches from losing it.

But I can say that I have found personal growth in myself by recognizing my verge of psychosis...
I closed the computer, packed the kids in the car...
and headed to Dallas to meet Lance for lunch.
(And Luke, and Josh and their friend Robby, from high school.)

And at 4:00, a nice young man came out and traded me boxes.
...10 minutes of work and we have working internet again.
For now.

Week 5 of 8 of Cell and Molecular Biology and Art are finished.
3 weeks left.
I can do it.

Maddox went into this week of school, exhausted.
(and I took him in without makeup, feeling the same)

Soccer and school, and learning to survive without naps, is a whole new world to us.

He also got sick over the weekend, which was anticipated for a child who has had zero exposure to the germs of the other little-folk of the world.
We honestly get a snotty nose every time we went to the water park with friends...
I was ready for it.

I wasn't ready for him to stay awake until 11:00, wiping snot across his face causing breakdown across his cheek and the tears.

He wasn't running fever, however, so we sent him.

Monday the teacher said he did fine.
They gave him tissues and he seemed tired, but fine.

Wednesday, I arrived a little early and I heard one of his teachers call him to the wall of sticks and say, "you have 4 sticks today, Maddox, so you get 4 M&Ms.

Right outside the door, I thought, "four sticks!!  What in the hell did he do?..."
They start each day with 5 sticks.  If they act up, they remove a stick.  At the end of the day, they are rewarded an M&M per stick they have left.

The other teacher, who was busy reading a book to the class, saw me standing there and stopped reading to come tell me what happened::
Apparently, Maddox wadded up his star (that they stand on in circle time) and threw it on the ground.

I was shocked!
And disappointed...
And thankful that the ex was earlier than I that day, and wasn't there to experience my bad kid.

Maddox made eye contact with me and the tears started falling.
He knew what was coming before I even opened my mouth.

We passed another mom that we know from soccer and she asked him why he was crying and he told her he was going home for a spanking.
She said, "we've been there..."
and we kept moving.

The lady who runs the entire program stopped us at the door to ask why Maddox was crying and he had to tell her the same story.
We honestly do not spank often, it just isn't the most effective form of discipline for Maddox-- but we had to make this episode a memorable one.
The director said that he didn't feel good today and told him that he had next week to be better.

So seconds in the door, at home, we sat down and discussed how it hurt his teachers feelings by destroying her property... and he let mommy and daddy down too.
He got his spanking from me and 2 minutes later he was asleep.

Then Lance got home.

He really hated to stir up a discussion that was hours past us at this point, but it had to be done.

My good friend, Candace, once told me, "they are much more forgiving at 3 than 13.  Enforce the rules now, and they will enforce themselves later."

We all have different styles of parenting, but this has always stuck with me.

A. I wanted him to know, that no matter what, he does what his teacher says.  We are on her side... (he can't think he has us in his pocket)
and B. disrespect is never okay.

We nipped it in the bud.
He promised to never do something so ugly again...
We all agreed to move forward.

After our series of bringing-down-the-law, we played.

We do that well.

My step-mom sent a package full of super hero things and candy for the boys, and they had the best time digging through it.
Since opening it, however, I have had a house full of little super-heroes.
And one super-dog.

Soccer comes bright and early.
And we have many fans ready to watch!

I'm out!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First week...

We started MDO.

Sunday night, Maddox was down and asleep by 7:40.
He is, and always has been, a night owl, so this was one of my biggest concerns for starting school.
So far, however, it has fixed itself.

I cleaned up dinner, ironed clothes, stuffed the lunch box, and was whipping around my house like a mad woman, sweeping, mopping and even scrubbing my kitchen cabinets with wood cleaner when Lance finally paused the tv, and said, "are you nesting?"

And I realized I was.
Apparently that feeling you get right before you bring a baby bird home into your nest, is the same feeling you get right before you let them fly.

That night, I had a scary dream that I was trying to protect Maddox and run from someone who was trying to get us, so I had an un-restful night, and a subconscious mind torturing me.

Lance went in late to work so that he could be there for Maddox's first day, and I was glad he did.

Typically Lance is our weakest link, changing outfits and thinking things need to be ironed, or changing hats, etc. again and again....
But Monday, he was the glue, and even made the PB&J for me, cutting it into dinosaurs, just like I do, and helped us get out the door on time.

Maddox gave us our kisses goodbye and walked in, all smiles.
And to the surprise of everyone, I left the same way.

I picked him up, expecting a non-stop talking boy and stories upon stories about his day... 
but instead, he looked like a zombie and though he had nothing bad to say about his day,
he had no great news either.
And within minutes, he was snoring on my bed.
Beckham and I have enjoyed our time together while brother is away.
He is a different kid without the competition of attention of Maddox around.
I hope to have more one on one time to teach him more words and get his cute little mouth talking!
...or we will keep grunting, and saying mama, dada, and dipe-dipe, and that will be fine too.
Today, Lance happened to be off work and he was able to take him with me, again.
We went for donuts before, and then Lance and I had a day filled with chores and running around town with our little side-kick.
We arrived a little early to pick Maddox up, but I was afraid that he would see other mommies and think that his wasn't coming, so we went ahead and went in.

Guess who else was early?

The ex.

But it was good.
We were stuck together in a hallway and Lance finally spoke and said, "Hey.  How are you." 
She introduced herself to me and apologized for avoiding us before but didn't know if it would be awkward for me.
She was really, really nice and I am glad we got the ceremony out of the way.
Now we can get on to other things, like the school parties!

Though the boys week was fabulous,
I had a busy week of call, a doctor's appointment, a schedule to make for work, studying, a quiz, a trip in to my office for my flu mist, a test, and a play date planned.

So far, my pager quit working, I cancelled the dr appointment, screwed up the schedule, got kicked off of the internet during my quiz (and am not sure I will get the opportunity to retake it, and even if I do-- it is due on Friday and Lance and I are opposite schedules between now and then so I get to juggle boys and a timed test at retake, IF I get a retake, that is), just printed my notes today to study for my test, cried to my not-sympathetic husband and swear I have West Nile.

Nicolle, I may be cancelling on you too.
I hope not.
But I'd be embarrassed to cry in our first real meeting.
And right now, I am a bit overwhelmed.

So I am barrelling down a pan of no bake cookies.
Straight from the pan and still hot.

And then I am going to bed.

The first week of school was great for my diddle.
The fourth week of college was hard for me.

But it means that I am half way finished with these 2 classes...

I can do it.
We can do it.

Even if there are tears the entire way,
there have been nothing but smiles from my boy, and that's what matters most!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The first of many firsts.

Wednesday, we had the first meet-the-teacher of Maddox's life, at his new school.

Lance took off work to go with me, and I have a sneaky feeling that he wished he hadn't.

Just through the doors of the main entry, I locked eyes with a semi-familiar face.
Bust since I work for the most popular practice in the DFW area, I did my "hi, how are you?" smile, and assumed that she was a patient that I couldn't place completely, and changed my eye pattern so that my forgetful mind wouldn't be given away.

It was then that I saw the, "I would rather crawl in a hole and die" look on my husband's face, that I realized that the lady I locked eyes with was his ex.

We have been together for a decade, so this is ancient history... not the kind of stuff that should even matter.  But they dated for a significant amount of time... and I think they thought they loved each other back then...  and though I know that he has no regrets or ill feelings for her...
I have no idea if she wants to kill him.

Or me.
Since I entered the picture just as she was leaving.

But it's a large building...
with multiple classes, and I figured it would be doubtful that our kids would end up being the same age...
or even if,
would be in the same class.

Well, purchase me a scratch off, we share a room!!

Luckily she left, before I pulled the Holly card, and shed my first set of tears in front of Maddox's teachers.

Lance gave his first set of come-on-Holly-you-can-pull-it-together/ apologetic-to-those-receiving-it eyes, to our teachers... and I was offered my first kleenex, for the year.

Maddox's teachers were both so, so sweet.
They both have degrees in education, and one, her master's degree.
They each have a child in kindergarten and a baby, and were both too sweet with my apprehension and questions.
I had nothing but warm, fuzzy feelings about leaving my priceless piece of art, with them.

Maddox immediately went to playing with all of the other little boys while I chatted with a familiar mom, from another day of playing at the park.
He even grabbed one of the teacher's hand and started asking questions about the bright bulletin boards and educational decorations all over the walls, while Beckham shop-lifted another kid's bag of popcorn and made himself at home amongst the other kiddos.

I had a million emotions in that room....
of being scared, and proud, and happy, and anxious...
of regret, that we didn't do this earlier... and excitement for all that he is about to experience.
I wasn't crying because I was sad.
I don't think.
It is just change.
And growth.
And another step, towards losing that baby that that I brought home from the hospital yesterday-- scared I would kill, placed on my breast, and trusted God and my husband to help me mold into the little boy that makes my heart glow with pride, today.

There will be more tears, I know it.

And as for the ex...
I will try and befriend her before the year is over with.
That's what I do.
I just can't stand to think about the elephant that will be sitting between her and I in that four year olds room.
And the way I look at it-- at some point she was his taste... as was I... so maybe we will have lots in common. 
Maybe the awkward eye contact in the lobby of the church, was really the first glance at a friendship...
coffee, movies, and shopping.
Or maybe not?

After meet the teacher, we headed to lunch and a day at the museum.
Somehow, the car led Lance us to a couple of detours, including Omaha Salvage and Backwoods, but it wasn't the first time that's happened.
And the boys enjoyed it.

The museum was empty.
We only played for a couple hours, since they closed at 5:00, but there were literally 2 other children in the entire building, another first for us, and it made for a unbelievably enjoyable time.
Thursday I got my first library card...
and checked out 2 books for my art class, and a book and a movie for the boys.
I was silly and excited, about going back again. 
Maybe once my classes are complete, I can spend time reading something other than what is mandatory from my professors, and check out real books.

Friday, I worked on my lab for Cell and Molecular Biology...
it is exciting as it's name suggests.
I will turn in my 3rd lab tomorrow, and I am proud to brag and say I have made a 100 on the first 2. 
(all 8 pages of them each.) But am sick to my stomach about the test I have this coming week, since I understand nothing, from my book.

Lance had to work late last night, so I should have completed the lab altogether but I got sucked in to the Stand up to Cancer thing that was on every local channel.
In my recliner I turned little tears into crazy tears...
and I hate it, because Maddox was a wreck about it.
He asked me if I wanted to talk about funny things or just kiss each other...
and he finally asked me if we could just change the channel.
Which we did.
Also, this week, Beckham had a first.
Well, a re-first.
Though he climbs like Maddox waited until he was 3 to do.
Can dress and undress himself....
Can eat with his utensils and drink from a cup without a lid and untie or untwist and open most anything you give him...
He hasn't said momma since he was 10 months old.
He hardly says anything, really.
So though "momma" was technically his first word, the 6 months of not hearing it has bothered me and finally I just started answering to dada, and accepted it.
I am proud to tell you, however, that 'momma' is back.
And I love it.

Today, Maddox had his first soccer game.

On the way to the game, he asked me why one little boy was on his team, when he still wore a diaper like Beckham, and couldn't talk yet.
I explained to Maddox that we shouldn't point out each others differences and he got his first lesson on how God created us each unique, and special, and important and perfect to Him.
I explained that God gave Maddox an extra big heart that helps him empathize with others, and there would come times that people would forget that the things that make us different, do not mean that we are less important and that I pray that he uses his gift to change others who are blinded with ugly words or actions.

It was a big conversation, but one we had to have, before he asked his own questions to our sweet little friend.

Maddox played so good in his game!

He is definitely a thinker, because when the others just thought about kicking it hard and running fast, Maddox changed the direction of the ball and worked more on lining his body in the right direction before kicking it.

He did not score today, but he got his first assist, as he passed it to another teammate so he could score.
Annnnd he did his first celebratory front roll, which he followed it up with a second, when they scored again!
Maddox also conned my dad out of a dollar, since "he almost scored".

They were the cutest little things running all over the field...
And I have to say that my husband looks pretty cute, wrangling the crew.     

My biggest joy, however, was when Maddox came off the field during their huddle, to grab the hand of the special-needs friend we talked about on the way to the game, and helped him out on to the field to play!
He even chanted his name and clapped for him to score, when it was his turn to sit out.

I couldn't have been more proud.

After the game, Maddox asked me to remind him his friend's name.
When I wasn't sure who he was talking about, he told me, "my friend who wears glasses",  careful not to use the things we talked about earlier, as a description.

(I know glasses are still a difference, but to me, that shows some maturity in my barely-4 year old.)

Being the fastest may not ever be in Maddox's cards...
but that heart of his will move mountains one day.
Mark my word.

After the game, we went to eat lunch at Babes and shopped the little shops in the area.
I got a yummy Granny Bee's creme brulee candle, and a coconut cupcake. 

My mom decided that Maddox needed  haircut, and offered to take him.

I needed to get him a few more things for Monday, our first day of MDO, so we split up and tackled our tasks.
I may have cried, picking out his juice boxes...
and it may be the time of my month.
So shoot me.

I found him a superhero lunchbox and a water bottle for his desk with the freezer thing in the center.

When I picked up Maddox, and realized his sun-dyed blonde locks were gone.
The tears fell.


Just another step,
to being big.

The week was full of firsts.
The first of many firsts.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day staycation

We had big plans for camping...
but Maddox started running a fever, and telling us his forehead hurt and we decided to throw a curve ball, and have a stay-cation at my parents, instead.

Saturday night, my brother's kids came over to spend the night too.
Our kids play so well together, and I can listen to them play for hours.
Funny things!

Maddox and Gunner are two peas in a pod, while Ellie is the little momma to Beckham.
It may be braggy to say it...
but we have some pretty good chicklins.
They are kind and smart...
and yeah, "they is important".  ;)

And together, they play until they have dirt in their ears and not another ounce of energy to give.

I love those babies.

Now one thing that I can say about those sweet Eyster babies, they don't sleep worth a shit.

Down at almost midnight, up by 7:30.
By 8:00, we were on the back porch, going at it again.

The boys boys instantly went to climbing and getting dirty...
And mom had Ellie's twirling dress washed and folded, so she could get back to spinning early.

My SIL picked up the kids by 11:00, I think...
We layed around a bit and then had an early dinner at Fuzzy's.
And came home so that the boys could do boy things.

Which was great.
Because mom and I bathed the boys, put them to bed, and did girl things.
So much for calling my brother's kids out though...
because mine were up by 7:30 this morning...
and back to the porch we went!

After breakfast, we had to head home so that Lance could mow, and I could read my chapters and take my quiz and we could get the house back in order, etc.
Oh, and I had a chilly penguin.

I was in the neighborhood.
Unfortunately, I made an 88 on my art quiz, and I really wanted to make an A, so I was kind of bummed.
But I did make a 100 on my Cell and Molecular Biology lab....
So go figure.

My mom gave me some words of encouragement, and I am just going to move forward.
Next week I have a test in my biology class, and I am just going to pray for a D on that one.
(my sister assures me it is passing!)
And since I feel like I am reading another language with every chapter...
And my labs have taken me anywhere from 11 hours to 3 days at this point,
I will be thrilled with a 60! 

Tomorrow is soccer practice, again.
Wednesday is meet the teacher...
Saturday is our first game...
And Monday I trust my kid with a stranger for the first time in his 49 months of life.

But we are ready!
And excited!