Thursday, December 27, 2012


I have a trillion Christmas related pictures and I am unsure how to share them.

So.... instead of doing 14 different posts, I am just going to lay them all out!

Hold on to your seats, there's going to be a lot of pictures!

Elf on the shelf, pajama day at school, a night with Gigi and Pop looking at Christmas lights:

The annual tacky Christmas Party:
(with a rare performance from the 'ol Louboy... and a few terrible mustaches.)

Christmas Eve at Meme's:

Christmas Eve Evening at Nana's:

Santa came:

As did the snow::

Christmas night at Mom's:

Finally getting to play on their trampoline!
(and now I have to attempt to organize the mess of new things into the playroom!)


  1. I loved looking at all your Christmas pictures and memories! Looks like a fantastic Christmas at your house. LOVE the boys pj's. I could NOT find any cute ones this year that were age appropriate for Brady. I finally ended up getting these boring hugh heffner looking pj's at Target. :( What a fun family picture of you all in your coats! Such a cut pic of Beckham on that scooter...I think that's what that is. And, your handwriting is so cool! Love the note you left for the boys with your elf...and all the other fun things you came up with....I bet it was such a FUN Christmas for you and Lance...your boys are at such a cute age.

  2. I love it all Holly! I've always wanted to go to one of those tacky sweater parties. Apparently those sweaters are so hard to find now, and people buy them up and sell them just for those parties. Maybe I need to go into that business?! :) I love the boys Christmas jammies. Wasn't the snow fun? I love Maddox's fur lined hood! The last picture....I'm feeling overwhelmed with new stuff, and we don't even do that much. I had to make a trash run yesterday to dump a bunch of boxes, etc at a dumpster. My house was consuming me. That playroom sure is cute though! I'm glad you had a great Christmas. Sweet photos!

  3. Wow you had a busy fun! I loved all of your pictures. So many fun memories. Did you enjoy having an elf around your house this Christmas? It looks like he kept pretty busy.