Sunday, December 9, 2012

anniversary time and other jazz...

So... last Sunday was Lance and my sixth wedding anniversary.
And as fate would have it, Beckham came down with an ear infection and conjunctivitis.

My mom couldn't keep the boys... and I couldn't leave Beckham with anyone else, because he already is reluctant to most everyone and I wanted him to be content and comfortable while he was ill. 
So we rescheduled our plans to this weekend and stayed home.

Friday came, and Lance and Maddox spent the day with his dad doing gun things and Beckham and I met up with them for lunch.
Afterwards, I took the boys for dessert, and Lance took his dad home.

Lance and I met back at the house, for our date but he decided to pick me up in his dad's car, just like he use to, when it was too cold to take his jeep out...

Except his dad has upgraded cars since the days of the ol Cadillac...
but just being real...
2 car-seats would have fit better in the backseat of ol blue!

We dropped the boys off with mom in Lake Worth and then Lance and I headed to Trader Joe's so I could finally get in on the hype!

We ran by the Movie Tavern to see what time our movie started, and realize that the one we planned to watch started in 30 minutes, or we would have to wait almost 4 hours to see again.

We decided to eat at the movie and see Flight at 6:30.

We called mom when it was over and she offered to keep the boys overnight rather than us driving out to get them and Lance asked if there was somewhere else I wanted to go since we were kid-less.
Without hesitation, I replied, "like Denny's?!"
And Lance couldn't stop laughing.

I have no idea when I became so lame that the first thought that came to mind was coffee in a place that smells like pee?!? 
Lance assured me that they would not give me a senior citizen discount at 28, even though I act 80.

We called a couple of friends to see if anyone was in the area but ended up going home.

Honestly, I hate not having all of my chicks in my basket and my mind goes into over-drive worrying about a million things that will never happen nor could I control if they had...
I have a hard time relaxing and enjoying myself when at least one of us are not with my babies.
It's pathetic.
I am aware.

We face-timed our peanuts and then Mr. I'm-too-cool-for-Denny's was snoring...
So I suppose he's more lame than myself!

You remember our story::  but you can click here if you need a refresher!

Lance made promises of a re-do... and said things like, "we need to take more time for dates like this"-- but both of us know that it is always easier said than done.

There's never been any glitter in our love story.
So why celebrate any differently?!
We roll through life rather contently... straight-up mediocrity, that's us.
But I guess that's what a lot of people would kill to have.

Honestly, I am thinking that next year is going to be "off the chain".  (I believe that means 'the bomb'... which I think means 'rad'... which I know means: 'awesome')
I have a feeling that our 7 year anniversary is going to be the opposite of the wives' tale. 
I, apparently, have the every-year-itch, so the next one will be the one full of bottles popping, rockets exploding, trumpets wailing and diamonds.  
We will rename it to the "seven year explosion of greatness; no itch... and diamonds."

As for the rest of the week, (and weekend) I do best to catch you up through pictures!
Finally meeting my cousin's sweet baby girl in real life!

My boudoir book came in!  This is a picture of a picture and cropped to conceal it's sexiness!

A few of Shimmer's antics.
A birthday cake for Jesus!
1/2 price appetizer night at OTB.  We share chicken fajita nachos and queso.  You can't eat cheaper!
My new kicks from my Aunt Penny Poo.
A day full of basketball games... lunch in a gas station... and that little fly who was pretending to be a bee.  I hate bees.

The Bridgeport Christmas Parade.

Homemade Christmas donut holes.
And a sick baby.  Fresh out of the bath, with a killer side-swipe.

A few other random thoughts in my head::

I have 2 tests today and next week is my finals and then I get to quit college again.

A cold front is pouring through as I type and we will have to finally put away our shorts and forfeit to December.

A huge mountain lion was spotted on our land and the hunt to spot him is on.
Hopefully the game cam will catch him and I will post some pictures here.

Maddox has his first Christmas program of his life this week.
I'll most likely cry.
But so will my mom.
I can't believe we have a child old enough to be in a program.

Maddox cried last night when he promised me that he would still come back to kiss me and snuggle me; "even when he is a grown man like Daddy" and then the tears started falling.
He's not ready to be a grown man like Daddy.

He also cried when we watched Elf, 2 days later, when he realized the nun in the orphanage still may be wondering where Buddy went.
And in some Christmas movie about a dog.
And in the Grinch.

Did I mention he is mine...
And I am my mom's?

Beckham has Croup.
After just having an ear infection.
After just having gastro.

My poor B can't catch a break.

Finally, I have to ask...
has anyone turned their blog to print?

I have a sick obsession with the thought that my external hard drive is going to crash an I will have lost every picture that I have ever taken... So I plan to buy an extra XHD to back up my XHD, but until then; I carry mine around like it is an egg.
Filled with SARS.

And another fear,
that the www will crash one day and all of these memories and words of my heart will be gone forever.
So I really, really, really want to get this thing into a hard copy.

My mom said she would print mine off for my Christmas Present, but just 2010 alone was $105... and like $140 for 2011, and only $40 for 2009, since I started at the end of that year. 

I didn't even price 2012, because I am not done with this year, but all in all, it will cost over $400 to print the entire thing through blog2print!!

I was shocked!  And obviously, we will just do a little at a time, but my question is this::
have any of my fellow blogger-friends ever printed your blogs... and if so, who did you use and do you have any coupon codes that you would like to send my way?

That's all I have for now.
Off to clean/ study/ test/ and prepare for the week!


  1. Funny, I just downloaded the program for Blurb yesterday, to make some blog books, but I know I will flip out at the price. Genn has made some, you can ask her too. I think she used Blurb? Megan has printed one or two, not sure what she used though. I want to keep these memories, and I'm like you, freaking out that one day we will wake up and Blogger will be gone.....

    If you think you are pathetic, try having your anniversary at Nascar, and not even spending the night with your husband. Just saying. :) I do love your anniversary recap though, and I super love that Lance picked you up in his dad's car, like old times.

    Your sweet Maddox and his tender heart. I just love him!

    Beckham looks adorable with his side swipe.

    And, you are gorgeous in that boudoir shot.


  2. now that my life isn't consumed with editing, I get to catch up on blogs! I even posted some! (some were drafts from FEBRUARY.... sad, I know) Anyways- poor B. I hope he can get well and have a good rest of the winter!

    I'll be sending the digitals this week from the boudoir shoot! Have you showed Lance yet!?!?!?

    Good luck the rest of this semester!!! are you quitting for the holidays and picking back up in January? ;)

  3. Love your blog, as always. Your boys are freaking cute! I hope B starts feeling better soon!!! Poor guy!! Start with 2009 and every couple of months print the next year. Just close your eyes and click "submit order" - Don't put a price on it - your blog, thoughts, and your heart are so worth it!

  4. your shoes are adorable, it is still a challenge for myself to ever leave wyatt and i love beckhams side sweep :) happy anniversary, in my book being content is a blessing as well! ~leslee

  5. I have used blurb and blog2print.
    Blurb is a bit nicer, but also way more expensive and took me months to finish editing! This year I am going to use blog2print again. I usually have to break the year up into two books because my pics exceed their limit for one pic, but it's not big deal.

    You look gorgeous in that boudoir pic that you cropped!

    Happy Anniversary. Sounds like you made the best of it.

  6. So a few post back I told you I have not ever taken the kids to see Santa and Isabella will be 13 next week. Well....on Sunday we are going to see Santa and get some pictures taken with him..Isabella is being a good sport about it.
    It looks like your elf has been busy! What did you think about Trader Joes? And Happy Anniversary....this year was the first time in a few years that Ray has been in town on our anniversary.
    Have a great week!