Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas fun!

Oh my goodness!!  We are so close to Christmas!!
{{less than 2 weeks away!}}

And you want to know a secret?
I have only bought for 2 family members and for my boys, so far.
For the first time in the history of ever..
I am not stressed!

We have had so many things going on recently that I have no time to be stressed.

Here's a window to our excitement::

Monday, Beckham and I dropped Maddox off at school and headed to FTW to buy our angel some shoes, a couple of toys, and then dropped off all our gifts at the mall.
When I saw how many tags were still on the tree, I had that lump in my throat and I could tell that my credit card was just a swipe away from a disaster.
But the sweet girl that we returned our gits to said that they have some wealthy volunteers who pick up the rest on the angels to make sure that every angel wish is fulfilled.

God bless them.

That same afternoon, a friend from Maddox's school had invited us over to decorate Christmas cookies and make reindeer food, at their house.
This momma knows Christmas!
I don't believe there was an inch of her house not decorated!
We had a great time and I was able to meet a few other mom's from Maddox's class as well!

Today, Maddox had his first school program, ever.
I had agreed to keep our pal Audrey for the morning and Lance took off work to get in on the fun.
She is the sweetest little thing and they play so well together.
A few people thought they were twins at the play....
And for a few hours, it felt like they were.
He fixes her hair...
She shares her milk...

They are the cutest little things!

At 12:30 we had to be at the church for the Christmas special.

The program was fantastic!
I honestly thought I would cry...
but I actually morphed into quite the stage mom, singing and smiling the entire time.
Because of that...
my best pictures came before and after the actual event!

(Luckily, Lance videoed for better memories)

We met up with Candace at Houlihan's for lunch.
And then the boys and I came home for a nap.

Mom ordered my 2009 and 2010 blog books for my Christmas present this evening and I am SO excited to get them in!

I wanted to go see Christmas lights tonight but Lance has been busy tearing my car apart and ordering parts so trouble trumped fun.  Hopefully by the weekend it will be put back together and good as new.

Tomorrow I have a date with Candace back to Trader Joe's and for a little Christmas shopping too.

And finally, here are a few more of Shimmer's stunts.
Merry Christmas!


  1. Love your post Holly!

    I'm also happy to hear that about the wealthy volunteers. What a blessing. We dropped off some toys at a local food bank, and then got an email later that they still needed 400 toys, and I just wanted to cry thinking of the kids that wake up to nothing, and how that has to break the parents hearts. I had Kevin bring me home a box from work, and we're going to fill it all year long for toys for next year to drop off.

    I'm so glad you got to meet and hang out with other mom's from Maddox's class. That was one thing I desired this year, but it just hasn't happened. It looks like it was fun for the kids!

    I bet you just died at the cuteness of Maddox and his school program. Such sweet memories!

    How was Houlihan's? We just drove by it the other day. And what is that huge thing they are building behind it? We are hoping for a Costco. :)

    How exciting that your mom ordered the blog books for you. What service did you use? I was thinking of using the less expensive one that Genn commented about. You have to let me know how they turn out.

    Enjoy your day!

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  3. Your Christmas joy made my heart smile.