Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thank you and other random stuff

Sometimes blogging is monotonous.
Sometimes you feel like you are talking to an empty room.
Sometimes you have to hold your real thoughts to spare the feelings of someone you know may be reading.
Sometimes you have to remind yourself to write, for these are memories worth recording even when it feels like there is nothing to say.
Sometimes it frees you.
And sometimes it is support.

Yesterday... it was everything I needed to hear.

I want to say thank you to all of you who commented, texted me and called me.
I truly appreciated every word.
We prayed, I gave my worries to God, and I am free.

I will update you after our visit next week, but for now we will just be patient.

While I am opening up a post, though, I thought I would upload some pictures that are on my phone.
Get ready for the random adventure, I've got no smooth transition:

His name is Lance.  I married him once.

Election day in our red, white and blues.
sleepy. sleepy. sleepy. and doggy sitting Sophie.

Just feeding his sheep with the best smile ever.

I call this my Taylor Swift dress.

And these, my rockin' bangs.
Just a couple of best friends watching movies.  Nothing going on here.

Ski ball at Main Event for Dane Dane's birthday.
There really isn't anything better than a tight, round, baby belly.  Maybe baby toes.  Those are good too.
We now have a family rule that army men can't rappel down our cell phone chargers anymore...  apparently we have to adjust the rule a little. 

Our Indian vest for school. (aka: secret spiderman vest)  ...nailed it.

A thanksgiving thankful turkey; to which most of the kids were thankful for their families... a couple the sun... but mine... "outerspace and shooting bad guys."

The little chef, whipping up some loaded baked potato soup.
My little fish, drenching himself.
They're kind of cute.  And comfortable.
A tiny sip of Heaven.

Spitting is funny.  And gross.  But mostly funny.

Not all houses come equipped with their own spy.  Ours did.  It is a nice upgrade.
We are pretty crazy.
Some like to dance, some like to break free... but no one... I repeat, no one... likes to do laundry.
And finally, a collage of our family-fun day in the stockyards.

Adios, and good night. 


  1. 1. Love the first picture of you & Lance!
    2. Hot Legs in your Taylor Swift dress!
    3. your bags DO rock!
    4. Now I want a Starbucks drink
    5. Spitting is yuck, but definitely funny!
    6. I like doing laundry
    7. Now I want fried pickles!

    1. No way!! I don't believe it.
      No one likes beets, liver or laundry. It is a very well known fact! ;)

  2. So much goodness here. I always love your photos, and I know I've said that a million times, but I do. They are so fun, so pretty, so real. You look gorgeous in your Taylor Swift dress! Love those 2 photos of you and Lance! The army man repelling down your plant....that is the best picture ever. Made me smile. And then there's that thankful turkey and what Maddox said. Priceless! Your Stockyard photos are so good too. I think I could go there once a month or more, and never get tired of it.

    You make me want to go out and take pictures all day today. :)


  3. I love the shot of you dancing. What an amazing family you have and so much happiness! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family.