Monday, November 5, 2012

Momma's heading out!

This weekend, I leaped far outside the box when myself, and 13 other girls took boudoir pictures in a edgy, awesome hotel in Dallas.

It was planned and paid for, months ago...
which was the only reason that any of us held true to it!

We all planned to work out and eat better and find our inner goddesses before the shoot...
but life... and kids... and laziness took over.

I did master 9 minutes of a 30 minute Jillian Michael's video... once.
But just as she started telling me to "hang in there", "keep up", and "stick with the burn", is when I told her to hush it.
And it took me a good 5 days to get over the soreness!

There were days that I seriously thought about bailing out, but after running around town, tying up lose ends on Friday...
I was excited for Saturday.
Mostly for my 24 hours away!

Coincidentally Pop got passes to take the boys to his work for an open house full of bounces houses, helicopters and games, on the same day.
As they were walking out the door, Maddox started whining that his belly hurt.
Motherly instinct, I suppose, convinced me to dump out the candy bucket from Halloween, and make them take it on their trip.
Good call! 
Ten minutes down the road, he hurled!

Not a drop went onto his outfit and he claimed to be a new kid after the incident, so they continued on.

I offered to cancel my trip and stay home for what was likely to be a long night for Lance, but my husband told me to go.  He said, "I've got this!  Have fun!"
So I did.

Thankfully, that was the only episode for Maddox and they had a great day at the open house!
My friend Heather picked me up at 1:00 and we were off to Las Colinas for lunch at Mi Cocina, and then to NYLO for the girls' night.
The room was already full of girls and makeup and outfits and glam when we arrived, and it never slowed the entire night!
Kristen (the photographer, and my friend) worked her butt off for us!!
She only charged for 30 minute mini-sessions but she gave each of us much more time than that!
The sessions were manually exhausting on her as she climbed onto stools, crouched down and moved her equipment between the bedroom and huge balcony, for each of our shoots.
She is a machine! 
She never even stopped for a break for herself to eat or breathe, I swear!
She was so focused with each girl and in true Kristen fashion, was detail-oriented and precise with every shot.
She was the key to making each of us comfortable and look and feel like sexy rock stars...
rather than the moms we usually are, covered in ketchup and smashed cookies.
She worked for 12 or 13 hours straight, since we didn't finish until 3:00 in the morning, and we even gained an hour with the time change!

I really thought about keeping this trip off my blog,
but I really am not ashamed of it, and this is my little journal in a tiny corner of the techno-world.
We had such a great time together and I honestly think that every married woman should do one of these.

Now that I work from home, I have many days where I wake up, shower, braid my wet hair, and put back on my lounge clothes.
It gets easy to feel ugly and invisible and sloppy.
(Understand that if I didn't have to get Maddox to school 2 days a week, we could replace the word "many" with "every".)

It was so fun to step outside of the box, wear the crown of someone we are not, and laugh with other females... in a fancy hotel... with a little wine.  And feel pretty.

Heather and I decided around 4:00am, that we were all fancied out and our own beds were calling our name, so we headed home.

Beckham woke up crying, what felt like 30 minutes later and my sweet husband let me sleep.
I found out after I got up, that he too had vomited, and Lance totally took on the mommy role by bathing him and washing all of his bedding.

He's a gem.

I still don't think I am caught up on the sleep I missed out on...
And honestly, it will probably take all week to recover!
But it was worth it.

I am so excited to see everyone pictures now... because each girl ROCKED their shoot.


  1. I'm glad you had a fun girls' night! I bet your photo shoot pictures are going to be gorgeous. What a fun idea. I'm seeing a Christmas gift of some photos in Lance's future?! :))

    Get some sleep now!

  2. Looks like you girls had a blast! Wish I could have made it!

  3. How fun! I have thought these would be fun to do but I think I may need a few drinks before.