Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Moving forward

Maddox's school had a pretend election over cookies on Monday.
He told us all about it and then said that his teachers told them that it's very important to vote!
I asked him if he told her we were republicans....
And he said, "nah. I just told her that we vote for Mitt."

We don't talk politics to our 4 year old, (I mean, I personally, don't talk them much at all) but he obviously listens.
It made me giggle.

Last night... not so much.

Today... not at all.

Four years ago, Lance and I thought we lost everything.

He lost his job as a landman and I was a part-time nurse and we had no idea how we would move forward.
We had a brand new baby at home, a brand new car and we felt like we were living atop a mountain, right before we took a tumbling fall to the bottom.

I have shared this story before, and you know how it ends....
We survived.

It was a slow journey...
And we still do not make the pay check that we did back then.
But we made it through and we learned.
We didn't go behind on one bill... and we didn't take one hand out.

My husband took the only job he could find selling roofs and I bartered for extra hours at work.
We realized that we spent money in ways that we never should have, and we made cuts.
We utilized the savings account that we worked hard to build up and we made it through.
We prayed.
A lot.
And God carried us when we were tired.
At at the end of it all, we realized that even if we lost our house or our cars or our material things that we had worked hard to purchase, we still had each other and family who cared about us.
We could only move forward.

But because we have experienced the bottom, Lance and I had high hopes for this election, and were both a little disappointed that our candidate did not win.

I know we will move forward, like we have in the past.
I will pray for our president and our country, just like the Bible tells me too.

I am not writing this to complain about the election.
It is done.

I am simply venting over the hate that has come from both sides of the margin over the election.

I don't mind hearing people's opinions...
as a matter of fact, I use to work with another nurse who was Muslim.
She and I would talk about our belief's our entire shifts and have open and receptive dialog for hours.
I enjoy hearing the other side of things and figuring out where we agree and why we disagree on any given topic.
It's growth.

But some people are mean.

Right now, I am sitting on my bed crying...
And maybe thanking God that I have no girls.
Because girls are mean, and right now I am wanting to go after the jugular of a girl who called my husband "fatty", and I can not imagine how I will feel when it is my kids who are being attacked.

My husband is passionate but is not mean.
His heart bleeds Republican red and I am sure I have shared that before.
His heart is bigger than anything I have ever known and he knows love in ways I have yet to experience.

I understand that he has set himself up by posting his own opinion on Facebook, but I am a fixer and everything in my being wants to attack.

But I won't.

I'll cry.
And I'll pray about it.
And I'll secretly hope for her that a few of her many skeletons fall out of her closet.

And I will stay away from Facebook.

2012 was a no-go for Mitt.   ...and Lance.
But we live in a great country... still a nation under God.

We are moving forward.
(insert U.S.A. chant here.)


  1. Wha????! No ma'am. I want this girls name and number. Only kidding, but seriously. It's one thing when people can talk about something, be passionate about it, but still be respectful. The fact that she called him a name is gross, disgusting and so mean. I am sorry for him, for you. Please don't cry anymore. People like that have so much hate in their heart. God Bless Lance for standing up for what he believes in. You are right, all you can do is pray about it.

    So sorry friend!

    {I go through similar things b/c Kevin likes to send respectful political emails, a lot}.

  2. WHOA!!! I had this "hidden"... (it was written almost a month ago!) I have no idea why it popped up as new or readable again?!?!
    But thanks pal!
    I am obviously over it now.... and the girl apologized!