Sunday, June 26, 2016

Maternity pictures

Candi came out, and did what she does!
I started to only post the clothed pictures here, careful not to offend anyone.
But you know what... my boys see me naked daily.  I am not going to offend them.
We are kind of a naked family.  Especially me and Beckham.
And to really honest, I like my pregnant body.
I am a size 2-4 in my normal life, which I can admit is not large.
Maybe even considered small.
However, despite how often me and the boys rock our God given skin, I don't look in the mirror and love my shape in my normal life.
Most of my life it was built like a teenage boy.
Long and lanky, no matter how you turned me around-- not a curve in site.
Kids gave me boobs, and then breastfeeding took their shape.
Kids gave me hips, but no rump to match them.
However, it is when I am pregnant that I look in the mirror and love my body.
Maybe because it still (even the third time around) amazes me that a human starts from 2 cells and quickly duplicates and grows into what we end up calling a child--right here inside my uterus.
Or maybe because it amazes me that, even at 32, my skin still stretches and fills to round plumps of glowing skin that somehow look prettier and healthier than that of someone who technically is not a large or "plump" person otherwise.
But whatever the reason, I want to remember it.
(And lets be honest, you see worse in Walmart.)

Like always, sweet Candi did her thing...
I am excited to have her back out in a few weeks when we can capture the other loves-- including our little Knox who is just days from joining our pack!

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  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! I love that you love your pregnant body. I always wanted to be cute pregnant like you...but I was just fat! I loved every minute of it though! Keeping you in my prayers for a smooth delivery...can't wait to meet Knox!!