Saturday, June 25, 2016


In April, we closed on our home loan-- moved out of our rent house-- had a panic attack when we went to move into a new rent house without looking at it first and it smelled like cats, chemicals, and death.  Moved in with my parents-- and experienced more rain than we have in years; keeping our house on the pace of a snail to get finished.
April is the month of Beckham, my, and Lance's birthday.  Five.  Thirty-two.  Thirty-five.
Due to how hectic our lives were at that time, we did little to celebrate.
Lance sent me flowers and the girls at work did too-- and Maddox earned his second polite panther for the school year that day also, which is always a treat for me!
Maddox hit his first home run (I think he ended up with 3 by the end of the season) and Beckham had his gymnastic performance that was about the cutest thing I have ever seen.
Beckham had his 5 year check up-- Knox had many too.
Lances company sold out-- which changed many things including our amazing insurance, his schedule and his pay... but the job is still the same and we are thankful for him having a job that he loves.
Living at mom's is cramped but it has been a trillion times better than any of us would have expected.  No blood, no deaths, and that is more than I would have put my money on.
My sister and Ed moved back from Wyoming and are living in the old farm house that we brought Beckham home to.  It is nice having them here and my boys are in love with Ashton.
We registered Beckham for kindergarten and though he says he is ready, I am preparing myself for the worst!
We ended the month with a field trip to the Dallas Arboretum where I broke all the rules and brought B along, despite the letter telling me he couldn't come. a public place ...that I could have taken him to any other random Tuesday.
Mom win!

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