Monday, April 28, 2014


April is one we will remember.
And one day I will write about it... 
but for now I have too many blessings filling my plate that I would rather document than give time to a sloth disguised as a friend or his weasel of a sidekick.

Door after door has been opened, and blessings are pouring out.
God is good... all of the time...
and sometimes his treasures are hidden in the darkest days and unexpected times.

I am way behind though,
so expect lots of pictures.

Of outside, where we love to be...

Waking up every day, like this is their job.

Playing with our friends in Argyle.

6" of change.  And a little color too.


Birthday brunch with my loves at Esperanzas on my actual birthday.

And a dinner date with my husband at Simply Fondue that night.

A visit with Papaw, Granny, and Lance's uncle Darryl.

Beckham woke up one day as a three year old.

And we enjoyed a day of jumping and pho noodles to celebrate.

We watched tv on a tree that night, while enjoying sandwiches and smores.  Compliments of their daddy. 

I jumped back into the office world of nursing... for the company I love-- after just one phone call, because they're pretty amazing like that.

A transfer of 4 wheelers worth documenting.

A visit to the doctor, which ended with a negative strep test...

And impromptu air show on the way home, catching the Blue Angels practice for their real deal.

Beckham's birthday party.
Our trip to Gruene with some great friends.

And being back home, right where we like to be.

 Right where our heart's at.

Forever, and ever, and always.


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