Sunday, April 6, 2014

April is here

We borrowed David's truck Tuesday so that I could buy a box spring for the boy's bed.
I called to make sure they had the one I needed.
They did.
Except when we went to pick it up, they only had one for $20 more.
We met half way and loaded the box spring.

We played an April Fool's trick on Dave and told him that it flipped out of the truck onto the highway--
but the real trick was on me, when we realized that they gave us a full and I needed (and paid for) a queen, once we got it home, unloaded, and unwrapped it.

Maddox had practice that evening, and B had enough for the day.

That night, Maddox broke out in sporadic itchy hives... that ended in a late night trip to my mom's for "special cream".

Beckham woke up with the same ones Wednesday morning.
But after a little cream from his brother, they were out the door.

I honestly can not remember if those were a collage of outside play from a couple of days, of if they need a lesson in laundry...

Thursday I had to make a trip to Decatur to pick up the invitations that I made for Beckham.
The boys begged for Taco Bell, which is not on my list of favorite places to eat.
Had I known that we were going to be stuck there in a terrible hail storm, I probably would have strong-armed them into another option.
Like staying home.
Where my car would have been spared 80-thousand little dents.

And I could have skipped the random conversation with the man who asked if I was "a little young to have 2 kids, so close together?"
...because I am 30?
...and that has what to do with the 2 years and 9 months between their birth dates?

The silver lining was my husband coming through the door and telling me to grab my shoes and my camera.
The boys were tearing up a puddle of the aftermath.

Watch me swoon.

Now that I look back, I think some of those pictures from above were from this morning--
we started Thursday early, even ate breakfast on the porch.
Not that it matters.
We play on our Power Wheels a lot-- it all runs together.

Friday we took back the box-spring for a switch-a-roo.
We did a hellava job getting it back into the truck and tying it down,
but we turned the tie-downs into a mangled mess, unloading them--
so bad that we had to ask for rope and give up on salvaging them.

They threw in a pillow and a bed frame due to the inconvenience, and since we had our frame rigged on one corner with the base of a Mr. Potato Head-- and my pillows are old enough to buy cigarettes, I'd say it was a bargain.

Mom had a hair appointment scheduled with her step-sister, and my cousin's baby was there to play.

The massage therapist was running a $35 special for a one hour massage and happened to have an opening right then.
I jumped on it, embarrassed by my 3 for $7 Hanes cotton drawers and unshaven legs--
but my boys sat patiently like little kings, and that was a once in a lifetime kind of deal that I let trump my embarrassments.

It was a good massage.
Dare I say, great.

I hope to do it again.

The boys and I met Lance for dinner Friday evening at an Italian food place in Roanoke.

On the way out, I stopped to mail out the invitations in Boyd and since the post office was closed, I pulled up to the blue drop box and put-er in park.
I had approximately 12-15 envelopes to mail and though I had bought the book of stamps; I had not applied them to my envelopes.   
I was leaned over the console, stickering away and all of the sudden there was a man beating on my window as if he were caught in a burning house and yelling at me. By pure reaction, I screamed as if he stabbed me.
He jawed me all the way back to his little truck with handicap plates.
I was wrong, and I rolled down my window to tell him such but he stepped back out of his truck and came at me again.
I told him to simmer down and that there were much bigger things to get upset about--
And Maddox yelled, "call 991, this is dangerous!"

It could have gotten that way, I suppose-- but 991 wouldn't have done a thing for us!!

That evening after dinner, we ran into Hey Sugar for Root Beer and candy and then headed home.

I was cruising along 114 and just as I spotted the Trooper, he was already flipping his lights on.
I automatically get a feeling in my chest like, "this is it... they've caught me." when I see the red and blues-- as if I am a hardened criminal with a trunk full of dope.
But he went on past me-- he passed two other cars-- and as I picked up my phone to call Lance and tell him how close I was to death-row, Maddox yelps out in the same panicked voice, "they got Daddy!!!"
B is following him, "it's daddy's truck!!"
The rational side of me is gone and Maddox is very calmly telling B, "they're taking him to jail Beckham.  They are arresting daddy."
Though Lance has zero reason to be arrested, I am still that girl being smuggled across the border in a suitcase and can not think normally.

Wait for it...
I literally whip a u-turn, from the far right lane and turn around like I can save him.
As I am heading back, it is occurring to me how weird and psychotic it is so I take it up a notch by pulling into a drive way directly across the highway and kill it, undercover style, and start texting Lance over and over.

He got a written warning for his tail-light-- the same one I got pulled over for a few weeks back,
after a slew of random questions and evaluation of the contents of his cup-holder.
No one called 991 on me.
Or 911, which I am sure would have been worse.

Saturday Maddox had his second game.
In the spirit of Texas weather, it was fit for a polar bear.

Maddox hit the ball well, but Beckham and I spent his last inning in the field, watching from the car.

We stopped by Papaw's after the game.
Had lunch, and then I spent the rest of my day taking call.

Maddox went to my mom's for a while--
my other 2 slept--
Beckham woke and decided to carry around his Paw Patrol invitation the rest of the day as it it were an actual toy....made of delicate glass.
And I spent my night making jewelry with my mom.

On a random note::
See that little jacket B is wearing?
I ordered it from Ebay.
Sometimes I get on there for something specific, bid on a few things for fun, and then win them without really meaning to.

The jacket came with a coupon to a site called Schoola which is like an ebay of kid's clothes, except 40% of what you spend goes to the school whom the article was donated from.  Which is so cool, I think.
The majority of it wasn't my taste-- but I did score a few really good deals, like a Patagonia jacket for $12 and Old Navy coat for $3.

add the discount code:: schoola30 and it takes 30% off.

Anywho-- I know that 99% of my friends are not like me, and would never buy used things-- but I buy the majority of my kids clothes at places like Marshal's, TJ Maxx, and 6pm, at discounted prices-- and I am not against some good hand-me-downs either.

If anything-- it is an option to donate,  and I thought I would share.

Today I had to work.
It was slow and Candace was my partner so I can hardly complain...
But we did miss a little birthday party for a friend, and that always stinks.

I grocery shopped and spent the rest of the evening lounging out.
With this guy--
who claims he's a member of a country club, and ready to play tennis.

In windpants... and cowboy boots, nonetheless.

He asked me this week "how many days I had left before I, you know, d.i.?"  And wanted to know if my mom had less days, since she's older!

I swear, it never stops and I only hate that my mind can't remember it all.

Tonight he casually answered when I asked Lance where Niagra Fall is at...  "it is in Canada, the most romantic place on Earth" he said, never looking up from the ipad.

He's a trip. And usually right... even though I have no idea where he comes up with this stuff?!

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  1. Maddox is the sweetest big brother and so funny - I love his victory pose and his affection towards his bicep (priceless pic!).

    I'm impressed that B's trailer hitch has held engineer in the making, indeed!

    It looks like you guys are fit for country living and, honestly, it makes me long for trees, dirt, mud, and FREEDOM!

    You cracked me up as usual. Try and stay away from the law, Holly (and Lance) - get that light fixed! :)