Monday, March 3, 2014

Everything is awesome!!

That was the theme song to the Legos movie that I took the boys to see Friday afternoon.
They sang it all day, and I think it was rather fitting.

Our date cost us a whopping $10, we had the entire theater to ourselves-- aside from one couple who stopped at us as soon as they walked in and said, "don't quiet them.  Let them enjoy this movie as if we aren't here."
Which is funny, because I have never seen the boys be so animated during a movie-- talking to the screen, telling me about what was "real" and what was not, clapping and cheering on the main character... so I was glad they gave me the 'go-ahead', I didn't censor them a bit!

Maddox picked Cici's for lunch and they each got 4 quarters to spend in the arcade-- to which Maddox somehow finagled Beckham into giving him one of his.

It was awesome.
And a stark contrast to my date from the Friday before.

It was the ten year anniversary of the date that Lance proposed to me (and the 12th anniversary to the day that he asked me to be his girlfriend)... Somehow he remembered that and he redeemed his botched Valentine's Day with a surprise dinner at Bob's Steak and Chophouse, and it was so good.

The in-betweens of the week were great too.
Mom and I finally painting the boys' bedroom...
We played with the Vest girls before they increased their family size by one...
We finally received our missing mail-- and Valentine's Day treats from my dad and step-mom, and their cards with cash from Nana.
And I went against all that I am made of and surprised the boys with a little Power Wheels thing-- that they have fought over, since the minute it was put together.

Saturday was beautiful and 80 degrees... We stayed outside all day, and cooked out that evening with my parents.
I typically work on Saturday mornings but was on call instead-- though it was busy, it was nice to be home.
Maddox said that he wished I could get fired so that I would never go to work again.  ...Or I could get hired at Chili's as an assistant manager, so he could come eat at my work!!

Sunday it froze.  12 degrees and ice.
We went to church and Beckham started crying as soon as he saw his room.
I asked if he and Maddox could be in the same class but they said no.
I started crying, because I am a cry baby like that and I could tell that he was truly over-whelmed, which I hate.
Then I spotted an old friend in his room.
Lindsey took him from me and loved on him like I would.
I snuck out during the service and watched the video, and she was still holding him and reading him a book.
I was so thankful for her being there--  and Beckham said he had so much fun too.

We spent the rest of the day in our PJs, watching movies on Pay-preview and then the Oscars at my parents.
Beckham hosted a dog-show with my mom's dogs, saying "ta-da" when the dogs did absolutely nothing and gave them treats!

I love it here.
I love the simplicity of this place.
I love that we don't eat out very much anymore...
Lance drives almost two hours to work some days, so he is just ready to be home-- and we are ready to see him.
I love that my boys don't have wifi on the iPad anymore, and spend far less time on it.
I love the weekends.

Everything is awesome.
Ordinary... simple... but awesome.


  1. I'm so glad things are going so well for you guys! You had a lot to get through in a short amount of time, I'm sure it feels so great to finally slow down. The girls and I will have to sneak over to visit you all on one of our trips to Lolli's!

  2. hi holly...popping in from nicolles!:)
    love this peek into your life and your weekend sounds just perfect!
    oh how we miss chick fil a :)
    have a happy day