Sunday, February 23, 2014

Slow down...

My boys are best friends.
They argue and they bicker and they spar with each other all day long…
But they can not stand to not be near each other.
The moment one of them is out of site, the other is on an instinctive and subconscious search for the other one.

I have often worried about our decision to hold Maddox out of school this past year and if starting him as a "barely six year old" rather just a "he was 4 until a few weeks ago" was the right thing to do.  But if all of our other reasons find themselves one day void--
I know that the time he had Beckham had to bond and play this year is one that I will not regret.  

I wish I could remember all of the things that they say and write them all down, but just remembering things from yesterday is sometimes hard.

Beckham still loves Mickey Mouse.
His favorite color is now red, and he wants everything to be red.
He has chosen favorite colors for the rest of us as well... regardless if they are correct or not.
Maddox is blue and green.  Mommy is purple. And Daddy is black.
Something tells me that there's a psychological reason behind these choices, and Lance might be in deep poo if we ever look into it!

He still likes to be called "tiny".  He likes all tiny things too... so anything that is mini, was obviously made for him, in his opinion.

He is a 100% momma's boy.  Always, always near me.
He is 100% boy.  Tough, and rough and rowdy... the child rarely cries from pain.

My favorite sayings that he says right now are, "oh-my-doodness", "boom-shocka-locka", "whateva"... and we love to make him say "mota-cytal".

Recently, while sitting in time-out, he yelled out, "you make me crazy momma!"  --however, the feeling was mutual.

He is still pretty much laid back the majority of his life-- a looker and a watcher like Lance.
But he has a streak of sass too, when he feels the need to use it.

He LOVES to spar... both of the boys do, actually.  I honestly think they spend half of their lives play-fighting.
He loves legos and to drive... he loves anything that Maddox does.

They are always making up games that aren't real, and the other day Beckham said, "when I say action, you blow in my mouth!"

He loves music, just like me, and any time a song comes on with a little beat, he thinks it is "my jam".  "Dis you jam momma?"  And then Maddox immediately assures me that it is not.

Maddox is in a hard stage to me.
He is somewhere between a baby and a big kid and it is hard to find our footing there sometimes.
His humor is usually awkward, forced, or over-the-top... and the things that he gets in trouble for these days is for thinking he is the parent.

He still loves Legos, Mario and the Minecraft garb-- although our crappy internet here has kept him off that stuff, and more on the Ranger and skunk-hunting with his daddy.

He is a major Daddy's boy and counts down the minutes until Lance gets home each day.  Whether it is putting up the mailbox or putting together the Rubbermaid building, Lance saves all tasks for him to help.

Lance brought out Maddox's BB gun that his dad bought when he was born, yesterday.  Maddox had a blast with it until he smashed his thumb while cocking it, and turned his nail-bed black.
The tears poured.

When Maddox's not trying, he is honestly hilarious.
The other day he told me that he likes Indian music.  When I looked at him with my "what are you taking about" stare, he said, "it's just legendary."
He loves to use big words-- and I love when they don't make a bit of sense.
Actually, a lot of what he says in in left field...

"80 years ago when they lost the civil war."

"I'm laughing like Donald.  If he were Italian."

"How old was George Washington in the war?… He was 80.  You should read more textbooks."

"I'm as careful as a ladybug."

I hear me in him a lot too.  To the point that I can't even get angry...
he told me recently that I am "all kinds of crazy" and another day that he is "done.  On so many levels."

He is the biggest little lover I have ever seen.
Always quick to shower with kisses, snuggles and compliments.
Sometimes his compliments are well beyond his years, and other times they are a pure miss-- like when he kept calling me "big momma" the other day-- and then yelped it our in cat-call-form, "BIG MOMMA'S IN THE HOUSE!" for no reason what-so-ever.

They are a lot of fun, and so far are loving living back out in the country.
They are the best friends ever, and even when one is in trouble for an act against the other-- they are always on each other's team, begging me to take it easy in the other.

We just signed Maddox up for t-ball and are hoping he meets a few friends before he starts kindergarten in the fall.
Beckham will probably do all he can to join him, so it will be a huge transition on everyone.
Until then, we will play.

I love this chapter of life...
and I wish too badly that I could slow it down and soak it in more.
Or at least remember every detail and funny thing they say.

But time keeps flying by.
So I have have no choice but to try and keep up.


  1. these photos are amazing holly!!!
    and your words too...!:)
    have a happy day

  2. Oh, Big Momma! This post was a good one!