Sunday, December 11, 2011


I ventured out to Walmart against my better judgement this afternoon.

I had put it off long enough, and when Maddox had to eat his PB&J on a bun and had brownies for breakfast again, it was time.
Past time.

I went for it.... because I no longer had another choice!

I loaded us up...
no list... but basically, I needed everything...
so that is simple...

I packed the K'tan, and the cart cover-up too...
I gave Maddox 'the talk'...
and off we went.

Pulled in and lucked out with a decent parking spot...
began unloading...
and realized it--
no. diaper. bag.

no diaper bag = no wallet
no money...
no way to buy groceries.

So what's a girl to do but turn around and try it all again...

And I did.

Walmart was a mad house but both boys were very good.

 And back home we accomplished this:
(we as in Lance and the Mouse in his pocket.)

Maddox played with a few of the neighbor kids...
 I took a few pictures of the boys...

(I still have to get some red mesh to go around the door frame... hopefully tomorrow?!)
But I mainly just tried to stay warm.
[and silly.]

I work 3 days this week and then I do not work in the office again until 2012!
(wait.  nope.  I am working Christmas Eve morning and New Year's Day morning... but no more night clinic until January 3)

I will be taking call from home the entire time, but I am so excited to cook dinner and actually sit down and eat with my family and enjoy my kids without any rushing to be anywhere for 2 and a half weeks!!
My time!!!

And this Thursday, we are going to go to ICE at the Gaylord!
Remember the fun here.

And then the next week is Christmas!!
[Christmas is written in italics to be read with excitement and fear all at the same time... I am no more prepared today than I was the last time I posted about Christmas!]


Maybe I will try and work on that tomorrow too...
Or maybe not...

We shall see!


  1. I love the boys in their hats, and your front porch is so pretty. I can SO very much relate to you about it finally being time to grocery shop when you are coming up with inventive ways to feed your child. Been there! :) You are braver than me though, if I had to backtrack to get my wallet, I probably would have stayed home. ha.

  2. I love is my fav look. Cute pics! Nice to meet you.

  3. I have been slow to comment (insert a million and one lame excuses here) but I love, love, love all the pictures you have been posting of M and B. Too. Stinking. Cute. May I please borrow them some time. Mine is currently 16 and seems to have lost a lot of the cute. LOL

  4. Hi Holly!
    This was such a fun post to read.
    Loved your pictures.
    I laugh because of the reason you said Christmas is written in italics. Too funny and so very very true.
    Great pic of the boys by the front door. Love your small trees on the porch.
    And Walmart, I need to go there too. I hate it. But I love the prices. But I hate it. ;)

  5. Loved the BLOG! Just remember you're MINE this holiday I've got lots of mom needs planned. So DON'T make any plans! Gigi loves her babies!!!

  6. haha! great post & so true. i only go shopping this time of year when i realize that all i have to make are more cupcakes! you're experience sounds like my friends yesterday @ Costco with her two boys; one who is also named mattix but spelled differently. cute boys! great blog!

  7. PLEASE do get the adorable mustard sweater. It's from Kohl's and it must be $30 or less. and you should try WIWW. It took me forever to give it a try, too, but it's super fun!