Sunday, December 18, 2011

since the last post...

I just realized that I haven't posted in a week.

So here's an update:

I started Yoga with my sister-in-law last week.
[she bought me a Groupon]
I am horrible at it...
but I really enjoy it.
[the Yoga... and the child-free time away that is not just for work]

Whitney is already a Yoga master--
and this is her first time to ever to do it in a class setting.

Seriously, the teacher gives her more difficult moves to do...
and she kills them!

The only person worse than me in the class, however, is old enough to have grandchildren...
and was a man.

Oh well....
You have got to start somewhere!

Here is a few pictures from the week.

Last night we went to a Hibachi/ Sushi grill in South Lake with our best friends, Mark and Wendy, to celebrate Mark's birthday.
Ryan (Lance's brother) and Whitney joined us also, but they were running late so we had drinks across the street to kill time.

I do believe it was our first outing like that since Beckham was born, and it definitely was Wendy's first post-partum outing.
We had fun and laughed the entire time.  [like we always do.]

I tried grilled shrimp.
And sushi. [a California roll]
And Wendy's terriaki salmon.

...all were surprisingly good, but the salmon was really good.

We didn't get a picture of the entire group... or the tricky chef and his wokking magic...
but Wendy got a few on her camera.

I am embarrassed to post this picture.
A.  Because you will see my boots for the 3rd time in a week.  (they're new, and I dig them.  Hush it.)
and B.  Because I am going to wear that shrug again on Christmas. (Lance isn't a fan, and I need to prove that me and Steve Madden know what's up.  And that it was worth the purchase.)

But I'll post anyway...
Because I love my Wendy-Lou, and she is definitely blog worthy.  ;)

After dinner, Lance and I ran to Toys R Us to try and finish up our Christmas shopping for the boys.
{please realize that the word 'finish' could be replaced with the word 'start' and it would be the exact same thing} 
We bought a couple of things... but mostly got overwhelmed and ran out of time.

No rush, we have an entire week left...  ;)

We have got this.


  1. You are funny...I laughted out loud on that last sentence! :)

    Your shrug is adorable and festive! What is it with men? My husband isn't a fan either. Whatever.

  2. I love your boots. Wear them everyday if you want. Women understand....once you find a favorite pair of shoes you wear them often, or in my case go buy the exact shoes in a different color! Online shopping was my best friend this year when it came to Christmas shopping. That may not be a good option for you at this point though.

  3. Love the boots...I always wear the heck out of new boots the first month {at least!}. Is the shrug from NR? I saw one exactly like that there yesterday!

  4. You are all over it Erin! ;) {I am a bargainer!}

  5. I love you shrug, I think it's cute, and really cute on you!

    OMG. Dying over B's overalls. I want those for Boyd. They are adorable. Love all of your pictures, as always. So sweet! Merry Christmas to you friend.