Thursday, December 8, 2011

2 weeks.... really?!

Christmas is in 2 weeks.
2 weeks.


I am so incredibly behind this Christmas.
I have barely got my house together.
Not made [nor sent] a Christmas card...
No lights out on the outside yet.
No presents wrapped under the tree.
[the tree that is stationed upon the coffee table I should add]

In all honesty, I haven't bought much [at all] at this point.

{2 weeks.}

My house is set up so funny right now, to keep the mover and groover from pulling down the glitter and fake pine onto himself, I had to get creative.

Here is a bit of the decor:

All the festive stuff I pinned on the Holiday boards...
Are still pinned.

I am out of time!
What the what?!

It isn't that I am not excited this Christmas.
I am.

I'm stoked.
Really, I am.

Just behind. 

I let Maddox help me decorate, and if you know me {at all} you will notice some major growth in me.
He stuck 87 ornaments on one berry branch.
And I left it.
He was so proud.
And I think it looks perfect!
My favorite thing about decorating the tree, is unwrapping all of my ornaments.

Of course, seeing Maddox's ornaments from each year is special.
And it is exciting that I will get to start the tradition with Beckham this year too.
[still haven't though, grrr.... just add it to the list!]

But this year, Maddox was old enough to get excited about it himself.
Something I understand.
This has been special to me even prior to having kids.

My mom bought us an ornament each year, and to this day, her tree is full of yearly memories.
My Nana has always given us an ornament each year as well. 
She usually makes them herself and are almost always something relevant to the year... like a nurse when I graduated nursing school... a wedding cake, the year we tied the knot... you get the idea.
Tomorrow I am going to try and creep out in the morning and get a few things...
a few more presents...
since I have bought so few.

But I go on call tomorrow at 5:00...
and I hate to pack myself full when it is just me and the boys...
so I have no idea how much I will accomplish.

But I have 2 weeks.
2 weeks.



  1. Oh my gosh, don't remind me--the holiday season seems to have flown this year! I just knew I would have my tree up the day after Thanksgiving and I just got it up yesterday....without ornaments. It's hard to do it all while 31 weeks pregnant! I was actually about to start a blog about almost the same thing, but I don't have time--have to finish decorating!!!

  2. Getting the ornaments out is my FAVORITE thing too about decorating our tree! BTW, your tree is beautiful!!!

  3. I had to stop and think, what 2 weeks til doesn't seem possible! I love your home and all of your decor. Maddox did a wonderful job of decorating that one branch. :)) I love that you left it. Have a good weekend!