Monday, August 22, 2011

rambling again....

I am so glad we still have 3 years before we start school.
All of these adorable pictures of my friend's kids going to school,
are honestly, stressing me out!

Chill Holly,
we still have time.

Beckham is 4 months old today!
He talks all of the time... coos, blows bubbles and yells!!
He kicks his feet at a million miles per minute...
And has mastered the 'M' sound,
Lance swears he can already says Momma!

We call him Mr Serious...
 but he is so ticklish!

Like Maddox did,
He smiles with his entire face.

He still wakes up about 4 times at night to nurse...
And Maddox still crawls into my bed about 90% of the time...

Most mornings, when Lance leaves for work, his snuggle buddy is Maddox,
and Beckham and I are making the most of Maddox's twin size bed and 200 count scratchy sheets.

I will sleep again.
I keep promising myself this.

And longing for the day that it comes true.

I think we have found our groove...
and nothing makes me happier.

Tomorrow my friend Candace and I are having a recipe swap...
I might share some of our ideas in a blog.
And you guys can offer a few of your EASY. CHEAP. [crockpot or casserole] favorites!
Town and Country delivers our meat Wednesday...
and my groove will be closer to being complete.
Again, I love routine.

I think the move was rather un-eventful for Maddox.
I anticipated major anxiety...
but he did really well.

Beckham, on the other hand, is experiencing some anxiety, I think?!
He rarely cries, but when we get in a group (ie: the past 2 weekends, we have gone to birthday parties)
my baby screams.
Like, an unbelievable sound that shouldn't come from such a small body.
He gets so worked up, he can't even nurse and it becomes a game of daddy vs. momma to see who has the magic touch.

Other than our social anxiety and recent diagnosis of reflux...
all is well!

I read 12 chapters of 'The Help' last night.
I want to finish it before I see the movie.

I also, recently, signed up for an English class.
By accident.
Kind of.
I went to sign up for Art Appreciation, or Music Appreciation-- a "blow off class"
but the online versions were full.

And since I am a mom...
who works...
I had to choose something else to count as a humanity that I could take on-line.
American Literature it is.

I am already having issues logging in.
And I emailed the wrong professor.

Let's face it.... I am now the old lady in class!
But I am going to kick this class' ass, just wait.

And then I am taking one class next semester (with a lab)
And thennnn.....
Candace and I will start our program Summer 2012!

And graduate December 2013.

I feel like, if I post my plan here.
I won't back out of it.
This was always in my plan to go back to school...
I just had to find the time to do it.
And to put me first again.
(or somewhere near the top) 

After school...
Lance and I can start talking about the next one of these.
because I'm good at these.
And still miss being pregnant.

Now off to clean,
prepare dinner,

you know, the things I don't get paid for...
and then on to my paying job at 5:00.

--until next time blogger friends!


  1. AHH! I've been missing pictures of these two babies!!! Beckham is getting so big- SO CUTE! And he looks so much different than Maddox. I can't wait to see both of them in person again. :) I am so happy for you going back to school - you'll do great! ....and welcome back to the blogging world missy! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh. These pictures are PRECIOUS. They are all so cute. You are so right, Beckham smiles with his entire face! Love it! :) You are a busy mama. You run circles around me.

    I kind of feel like you...I'm glad Boyd has 2 more years before kindergarten. I'm not ready, emotionally. I say I'm ready for the break, but then I'm not ready for him to be so grown and all of that! :))