Thursday, August 4, 2011


Dear Blogger-world...
I miss you lots!

We still do not have internet at the house, or tv.
I borrowed my mom's air-card so I can input calls (for my job) but I have not surfed for recreation.
(except from my phone)

I honestly enjoy the missing TV...
(and Lance's inability to engulf himself in it)
but the net....
I need him back!

Hopefully they will both be in working order by next week...
(As well as the washer and dryer.)
And I will be back to blogging.

I am guessing the house will still be in shambles by then, but I am okay with that.
I have no idea where Holly went,
but I am not even stressing.
And I like it.

This past week I have had so many of my friends help us out...
keeping the boys,
lending a trailer...
one even took a load of my laundry and did it!!!  (no joke)

I seriously do have the best friends in the world.
I tell them a lot.
I hope they know I mean it!

My mom has helped me a lot too...
Watching the boys when she can,
and came over our first day in and whipped a lot of things into shape.
She's kind of known for this talent.

We dumped 2 more loads on top of it and I need a return visit from her to sort through my chaos once again!!  ;)

Tomorrow my Nana is coming over to play with the boys so I can get some (hopefully) uninterrupted work done...
But again, I am not stressing.
It will all come together at some point.

Like Keri said, "Home is where your family is"
and my family is in unorganized chaos....
but it is home.

**On another note...
I followed a bunch of blogs in the beginning of my blogging journey that I do not want to follow any longer but can. not. stop.
They are mostly big blogs who post a lot a day and I hate it because I can't see the ones I really read.
Can anyone help me?
I have tried several different ways--
I've read through the help forums--
Lots of ideas--
but none successful.

Peace out blogger friends!!


  1. I'm not sure how you delete blogs, but I do know that if you're having trouble scrolling you have to use two fingers to scroll through the smaller scroll box within a page on the iPhone. I learned that by accident!

    P.S. Blogger world misses you too!

  2. If you are logged into your blog, go to your profile page where it should list all the blogs you follow, at the bottom it says, manage blogs i follow. You should be able to delete them that way. I think that is what you are asking??? :)

  3. Yes, I tried that Nicolle... and I tried going into the other way to see blogger (I can't remember what it is called) but neither work.

    This has literally been something I have been trying to do off and on over the year!!

    It looks like (through reading the forums) that others have had this problem too...
    Some said you can't do it through Firefox-- so I tried another browser...

    I've done all that I can think of but still can't fix it??!


  4. I use Google Chrome as my internet browser (its free to download) and I've been able to delete blogs...I did it the way Nicolle said - just "unfollow" the blogs...

  5. Holly:
    Go to Manage (where your list of blogs you follow are) Click Manage. A list of all of your blogs will come up and then have a button for each that says Settings. Click on Settings. On the next screan in the right hand corner (a little down from the top) it will say Stop following this blog. Click that and confirm and the blog will be removed from your lists. I hope this helps.

  6. Just stopping by to say hi and hope you are doing ok! :)