Thursday, August 25, 2011


I should confess,
to you, blogger world,
what my husband and family are already aware of.

I have been having an affair for over 5 years.
It is serious.
Completely emotional.
But real.

I am sad to admit, however,
that this relationship is going through a major change.
And me and my marriage to my actual husband are going to have to adjust.

What I mean is this:
My friend Amanda took a full time job.

We talk every day,
sometimes Most-times, multiple times a day.

When my kids do something new,
when there's news at work,
in life,
with my marriage,
or anything worth noting really...

I know 3 people I have to tell:

Why I say that my marriage will have to adjust,
is because Amanda sometimes acts a a buffer.

It works like this::
We are pissed at our husbands...
we vent to each other,
and by the time they get home
we are over it.
(or we have gotten some good ammo information for a fight discussion to be had!)

Or (like yesterday) we think our babies have morphed into evil aliens...
we confess our day
and the other one reminds us how many times we have been around each other's well behaved kids...
that it is a stage.
that we are good mom's.
that all kid's throw fits, act out, disobey, have bad days...
and that this too shall pass.

You see, my husband is not the greatest hand-holder...
but he will have to learn
if he is going to fill Amanda's shoes.

Dr Phil calls this kind of friendship an affair.
And we are totally cool with that.

I talk to other friends too.
One even came over yesterday to play
and I have a date set for tomorrow with another.

But my affair with Amanda is more of an addiction
and no-phone-call-days-- or 10 minute spurts on others, is going to be a life adjustment.

I am looking into rehab.
(or a GNO, which sounds way more fun!)

I am happy for Amanda,
and her new adventure.

One thing I know for sure,
is she made the right decision for her family, and her work gained an awesome, caring, dedicated, kick-ass nurse.
And the 2nd thing I know (or maybe this actually counts as the 3rd thing),
I miss her.


  1. awww- congrats to Amanda!!! And just hang in there! lol I'm sure she can call you on her way home from work, right?! ;)

  2. Whew! Those first two paragraphs had me a little scared! I have a friend like that too who works two full days a week and I miss not being able to pick up the phone and call her whenever I feel like it.
    Yay for your friend...I'm sure she'll be missing you too. Distance does make the heart grow fonder, right?!

  3. hehe Kerri! I set it up like that on purpose... a little suspense in your reading! ;)

    Kristen-- the stinky/ awesome thing is she works like 10 minutes from home now so our chatting on our drives is over.
    ...and then you know she has a baby in kindergarden, a baby now with a sitter, and a *needy* husband ;) who need her too, and want to tell her all about their day as well!!

    Unfortunately they *kind of* have to trump me!

    We will work out a system... this is all still brand new!

  4. Awww!!!! I have tears!!! As many people who read your blog, I feel like a celebrity! I miss our long chats like crazy!! We need a weekly date night. Gabe said it's good for marriage so it has to be good for your emotional affairs, too, right?! Seriously, you are my soul sister! I could not imagine my life without your humor, words of encouragement and everything else you enrich my with. So if we have to set our alarms for 2 am and chat, let's do it! Lol! We will get our routine down. And you are my family. : )

  5. Oh, it's so nice to have a friendship like this! :))

    Hope you are doing well!