Friday, October 3, 2014

It's fall y'all

We have had a few mornings that have felt like fall with temperatures in the 50s...
And a few days that have felt like scorching-summer, and near 100.
We live in Texas,
And that's typical.

Having a kindergartner, that just means remembering you sent him in a jacket-- and chasing it down before you leave for the day before it is lost forever in the pit of unknown...
also typical.

Beckham and I took Maddox lunch.
Partially because we are sweet--
but mainly because we were running late, the bread felt stale, and I ordered these macarons from a girl in Boyd-- so I was going to be out anyway.

Thursday was the Finale of Big Brother.
Maddox is a mega-fan.  He even tried forming an "alliance" in his class.  My guess is that the kids who agreed, had no idea what they were agreeing to.
Maddox talked strategy the entire way to school-- I planned a fun dinner to eat around the tv-- and then we found out that it didn't come on until late-- wouldn't end until 10:00, and had to send Maddox to bed devastated-- not knowing who won.

We have been working harder on our letters since Beckham isn't in "shool" anymore but that child just isn't that coachable.
 He is very confident though... some might say stubborn.  And in his defense-- I am not very patient and do not make a very good teacher for him.

Some of the letters he knows, some he doesn't, and others he thinks he knows-- and there is nothing that I can say to convince him otherwise.

Every.  Single.  Time.  He calls an 'A' a two, and an 'H' a magic hat.
I thought it was my handwriting, and was turning my head sideways to figure out where that was coming from until on this day we were doing a puzzle and picked up the H and confidently slid it into it's correct spot saying, "magic hat"-- and I saw this.

He wins.

This round...

Now onto the A.

Friday is pep rally day at school.
They also take the kids to the track on Friday's and if they run 6 laps, they get a Popsicle-- and on specific Fridays (I think once a month), they encourage family members to come walk too and help them earn charms.

Beckham had mechanic stuff to do all morning and then we joined him at the track.

I packed the jogging stroller but didn't realize the wheels were flat until we got there-- so I grabbed toys and offered him a shaded spot to play, all the while expecting him to complain.
Instead, that boy ran all 6 laps with his brother.
I, on the other hand, walked mine... But Maddox earned his apple charm.

I had 4 missed calls from Lance when I got out of the pep rally.  I called expecting an emergency, instead he was asking me if I wanted to go to the "Battle of the Big Sandy".
Important stuff apparently.
We met our friends for dinner and then took the kids to watch the game.
We switched sides throughout the game because it was so crowded, loaded the babies up on more sugar than anyone needs, but they had fun.

Saturday was spent around some of my favorites.
I worked that morning and Candace brought her tiny in for an appointment.  I got to meet Amanda for lunch afterward and one of my best friends from high school, Katie, had her baby shower that afternoon, so I hung around town for that too.

Sunday was Katie's 6th birthday party.
Lance played golf that morning and then joined us at Chuckecheese to celebrate.

That night, I fell asleep holding the boys.
All of the sudden, I felt this sharp pain in that tender part of my arm.
I yelped out and B was wide awake, unbothered by my response, just staring at me.
I said, "something just bit me!"
B responded blankly, "I tink it was a nake."
It wasn't a snake.  It was a super-ornery 3 year old who pinched me for no good reason at all.

I adore that little turd.

Monday was back to school as usual-- with a wild week ahead of us.
I feel so blessed for Maddox to be in the class that he is with such sweet kids.
He loves school and can not wait to go each day.

Tuesday was a mess.
Our neighbors have 2 big dogs that chase our cars.
They mean no harm, but make you a basket case trying to avoid them when coming or going-- and when you're running late (like we are almost every morning) the case-of-baskets multiply.
This particular morning I had to bob and weave through the barking, and as I turned the corner, I saw the owner come out and no longer saw the dogs, so I took off.
bump, bump.
I hit him.
I jumped out of my car yelling, "I hit him, I hit him-- I am so sorry!!!" while running towards the woman...
The dog was alive and also running towards her but his back did not look right to me.
She was yelling to me that it was okay, that she knew I didn't mean to, and to go on--
But I was crying,
Maddox was sobbing,
B was unsure what the hell just happened,
And it was testing day for Maddox at school.
Double bonus.

We made it another mile down the road to road construction and no chance for getting out any time soon.  It was then that I realized that I forgot the snacks (That I had to supply for the entire class, therefore couldn't avoid) at home.

I had 2 choices--
go back.
Pass the potentially dead dog and his owner, laid out on the road in dramatic tears...
Or drop off the boy and head to Bridgeport for snacks-- make a trip back to Paradise-- and then home.
I chose the more expensive and time consuming one.

As of Thursday, the dog was still alive and had urinated...
I haven't heard today.

I also finally received my new phone in the mail that day.
Goose destroyed my other one and I have been using a broke one for a few weeks.

Do we see a pattern of stress in my life?
This is why I am not an animal person. 

Tuesday evening, the boys played golf in the driveway.
I am wanting to get Maddox into lessons somewhere, because he seems to have a fairly good swing-- but for now they just play around.

Wednesday was picture day for my big honey.
I swear I could just spread him on a cracker and eat him up.
The tiny one insisted on dressing as Batman.
...a stage that I will never get tired of.

I worked in the office on Wednesday-- which is about as rare as a UFO sighting-- and though I was only doing phones, that change in schedule wore me out!

I rushed home to get the kids-- and Lance drove around Alliance looking for a pirate book to match our outfit (reverse order, I know) for character day the next day at school.
He finally found a Jake and the Neverland Pirate book and a Disney infinity book that happened to have two tiny parts about Captain Jack Sparrow, and we went with the second.

I fell asleep by 9:00, reading to the boys.

Thursday was book character day at school for Maddox.
And still Batman Day, for Beckham.

I was so happy we went with the Disney Infinity book because everyone was saying, "Jack Sparrow!" to Maddox as we got out of the car-- and telling him how awesome he looked.
Even the kids knew exactly who he was suppose to be, and to be honest, I had never heard that name until the night before!
How embarrassing had it been if he would have had to say, "no... I'm Jake."

His life as a pirate was short lived though as I got a call from Lance around 10:00, saying that he had just missed a call from the school nurse.  As he was talking, a voicemail popped up on my phone from them also, and my mom started beeping in all at once.

Maddox was playing at the playground and ran right into a pole, she said.
I am triaging the nurse's assessment by shear habit-- No vomiting, no loss of consciousness, eyes are equal and reactive, normal vision, pain is under control, he's got an icepack... and then she says, "I think he would just feel more comfortable at home."
This is just kindergarten Holly, Beckham and I headed his way.

He was so sappy when I got there.
Tears, upon tears, upon tears.
Mostly because he was missing the rest of the day dressed up as a pirate-- but also because he was going to miss his friends... and Mrs T... and really wanted to be a pirate....

He then stopped square in his tracks to tell me he left something in the nurses office.

I am still trying to coddle him and reassure him at this point, so I offered to go get it.
He was stumbling through his words when I would ask what he was missing, never giving me an answer, or making any sense at all; so I agreed to let him go back himself.

He came out with a little yellow wild flower that a girl named Braylea had given him--- and he nursed that thing all day in a cup of water, hoping to bring life back into it.

Back home I attempted to get a clear story of what happened...
He also couldn't stick with a solid story--
He was running to give Gunner a hug... He was running to the swings... Gunner was at the swings... He was looking behind him and running...
He wasn't chasing anyone-- and no one was chasing him-- he claimed,
but I have known this child for 6 years and he wasn't being completely honest.

There is a fine line when it comes to nursing that all moms who are nurses will agree with.
Your momma brain and your nursing brain sometimes compete-- and though I didn't give a dang how it happened... I needed to know that he knew how it happened, for peace of mind.

Finally a mom of another little girl told me that some girls were chasing him, and he was looking back at Braylea when he slammed into the pole.
I guess he was too embarrassed to admit that.

And that's what love will do to you son--
make you not see straight, lie to your mother, and end up bruised with a massive headache.  ;)

Trust me on this one.

The rest of the day felt like the old days...
as in a few weeks ago- days, before we knew this world of school.
And before Beckham asked me 60 times a day if it was time to pick Maddox up for him.
Every day, as if Maddox is his.

The boys played outside while anticipating Lance's arrival home from work.
And call was so good to me last night.

Today Maddox is back at school, sporting a shiner to his eye-- that doesn't open all the way.
Tonight we have a birthday party for his little buddy Syler, and a busy weekend ahead of us.

My mom warned me that time would fly once my kids started school--
but I had no idea it would be this fast!

It's already fall y'all!

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