Monday, September 1, 2014

Our first week of school

Maddox's new beginning.
I had picked out his outfit, had his monogrammed back pack laid out, his Ninja Turtle lunch box filled with all of his favorites, a coffee cup, coffee and cute cookies set out for the teacher, bacon and biscuits on the table, and a super excited little boy ready to go.

I had asked my mom if she could come over and watch Beckham while we went because I thought that if there would be tears that morning, it would be from B missing Maddox-- or Maddox realizing that B would be home with us all day without him, so I did my best to avoid that all together.
Beckham slept while we were gone and didn't seem too worried about being the only child for the rest of the day.

We got Maddox's bag unpacked and he settled in his seat.
There were other parents all doing to the same things as us, most trying to hold it in and some too overwhelmed by it all and crying.  There was a split second where I could tell Maddox wanted to cry, and that's when I said, "make it the best day of your life!' and bailed out.
No tears.

Lance has had some medical stuff going on and unintentionally, it made the new beginning easier as we had to rush out of one pool of emotions and hopped feet first into another.

My friend Ashley helped me out by sending me a couple of pics of him having a great time-- and by the time we finished up in Fort Worth, had lunch, filled Lance's medications, and grabbed a few things at the store; Maddox's first day was already over.

He hopped in the car telling me all about the new rules, the kids in his class, playing with Gunner at recess and how he couldn't wait to go the next day.  He told me that he had a little accident "but not the kind where you teetee in your pants", but just spilled his hot sauce on his shirt!
My friend Kristen's little girl is in his class and she was so worried about that little incident, so Kristen sent me this:

His teacher also emailed me a funny story about her having to ask him to be quiet and when he kept on she told him that she didn't want to have to report to me that he was clowning around and he said, "Oh no, PLEASE don't.  My daddy gives a POWERFUL spanking!"

I all but held his head up to get him to 7:30 when we finally put them to bed-- but it was 9:00 before he finally fell asleep.

My mom decided that she would ride with me to the school to once again ease the separation of the boys on to one another.  Beckham stayed in the car with her as I walked Maddox to his class and got him settled.

Maddox talked 90-nothing when I picked him up that afternoon telling me every detail of every kid's life.
Abbie is so nice.  "So-so-so nice" , he says.
"Mrs. T's birthday is in October."
"Pablo tries hard, but I don't think it is his fault that he doesn't know the rules because he only speaks Spanish."
"Chase's name is Chase Harmon.  He always says them together just like that.  Chase Harmon has tattoos too.  Not real ones though."
"Brittan and Cougar are cousins and they have another cousin who can do a backflip.  He's a boy.  With blonde hair."
He told me that Coach Burt really wore them out in PE (some things do not change!)
And he asked if I knew some song where they pick if they would rather drink wine or eat frogs???
I'll never know what that was about, but I'd pick the wine if there really was such a question.

Maddox was up by 5:30.
And since I WORK until 11:00, enter calls sometimes till midnight and get up at least twice every night with the dang dog, I knew we were both in for a long day.
Maddox wanted to wear his Batman shirt that Beckham picked out for him and since he had a few hours to kill-- he wanted to play Minecraft.
I made him breakfast and sat it in front of him but it wasn't until I was walking him into his class that I realized he didn't eat it.
I started talking to another mom, made my way out of the hall and down into the cafeteria when I heard my name being called.
I left Beckham in kindergarten!!
In my defense, it was his first morning to come with me-- and he was sitting quietly on the floor on the other side of the half-wall playing blocks!

Beckham and I headed to Decatur for an oil change, a car inspection, to pick up his school supplies (which took three stores) and a donut shop.

Beckham stops every person with a baby to tell them, "I wike you baby" and has been doing this for months.  Since we run into Kylie twice a day, she gets hit up by Beckham a lot.  That afternoon while we waited for the kids to get out of school, she let him hold her baby.  He couldn't have been happier.


Maddox was up at 5:30 again.

When we were walking in, Maddox says, "there's my friend Pablo!"
This kid was about two steps in front of us, but if I were to stretch my arm far enough, I could have touched his shoulder so I believe he was close enough to hear us.
Maddox says, "hi Pablo."  ...nothing.
He repeats himself, "hey Pablo."   ... still nothing.
Maddox looks at me with his eyes wide open and completely confused, and he repeats himself for the third time but a little louder, "good morning Pablo!"
And then he turns back to me as if he was embarrassed and said, "oh yeah, I forget he doesn't speak English."

I had to laugh.  I think his name is still pronounced Pablo in Spanish... but I could be wrong!

I handed Maddox off at the door, and he went in and got settled!
B yelled from the door his I love you, and Maddox skipped back over for a final kiss.
I had forgot to leave a couple of checks that day for tshirts and tattoos so I slid into an empty classroom to fill that stuff out.
When I tapped on the floor to hand the checks and papers to Mrs T, I accidentally plowed over Beckham, to which he bursted out crying.
He was rolling around and holding his quad so I was pretty sure I had snapped his femur--- which alone is pretty bad, but the entire kindergarten hall was going to be in an uproar if I didn't get us out of there so I had to run him outside for a better assessment.
He finally admitted that his leg wasn't hurt but "his heart was".  he really really missed his bubba.
And the entire 17 minute drive home was off/ on burst of tears reminding me how bad he missed him.

Beckham and I went to mom's where I helped her make name tags for one of her campouts coming up and Beckham played 'pee-dough' in bug glasses.

That evening we had meet-the-teacher for Beckham's MDO and Lance was able to meet us there.
Surprisingly call was light while we were there and even more surprising, Beckham seemed to like it.
Not enough hat he wants me to drop him off and leave though, so we will see how Tuesday goes.

Maddox was awake at 6:00, so excited about the "pepper-rally".
By this day, I was struggling.
This new schedule and the storm that came through during the night were about all I could handle.
We were running behind already and I made it out of the driveway before I realized we forgot the backpack.
I slid the car around and was hauling back towards the house when I see Peggy (our 80 year old neighbor) sweetly standing at the fence waving, but I had to floor it passed as if I didn't see her request for a chat!
We slide in to the school with only seconds to spare and little mr-one-speed-beckham was giving me panics.
Just as we entered the school, the doors locked.
We were tardy.
Thankfully they opened the door and let us bypass the office but I was irritated with our morning.

Randi, mom and I decided to run to Alliance and hit up Hobby Lobby, Carters, and grab lunch together...
And the kids were stoked to get to be picked up that afternoon all together.

I was on call Friday and Saturday, which means we stayed around the house for a low-key weekend.
Sunday,  My brother had us over for a fish fry...

And today, in the fashion of all holidays and my love for triple-time, I worked.
And Lance worked.
And mom kept my lovekins...

Tomorrow B starts his Mother's Day Out and Maddox starts the second week of school.
Let's hope B has the same love for school that Maddox does and that tomorrow is an easy transition on us all!


  1. I smiled through your entire post. I'm so glad Maddox loved his first week!
    I hope Lance is okay, I will send some prayers his way!

  2. I love how you documented everything here. I'm glad that Maddox is loving school, and I laughed at the "powerful spanking" part. Kindergarten is such a huge change for everyone, and it will be the sweetest year when you look back on it...because I'm telling you, it will fly!
    I love Beckham in the bug glasses. Made me smile.
    I hope that Lance is OK! He will be in my prayers!