Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break 2015

We celebrated our first 'real' Spring Break this year.

Beckham and I decided to break Maddox out of school early on Friday for a late lunch/ early dinner at pho noodles, then ice-cream.
They stayed with my step-mom while Lance and I worked on Saturday morning and had a birthday party the next day.
We spent Monday and Tuesday playing games around here and packing for our first trip in our camper.

I pulled the camper to Boyd on Tuesday night for a test run and so that Lance could give me pointers.... but Wednesday morning, I pulled this bad-boy to Glenrose-- all by myself.

I was following mom... who had my kids with her--
and we walkie-talkied to each other,
but I was pretty proud of myself, seeing that my resume for pulling things is almost obsolete.

The first evening consisted mostly of un-hooking, setting up our camp and playing with the boys at the park before I went on call.

The next day, we ate at a cute little restaurant in town.
The boys wanted to sit on the porch and the owner brought them sidewalk chalk to color.

We left there and headed to Fossil Rim Wildlife Park.

It was incredibly busy, and they re-routed us around the giraffes so we didn't get to see any of them.
The park is mostly full of different breeds of deer and I think they were all full, as most stayed back!

A couple of deer looking things did eat out of out hands, so I think the boys liked it--
But four hours, a quarter tank of gas, $100, and two boys tired of being cooped in a car later...
I don't foresee us ever going back.

Lance came in that night, and once call died down, we went to a late dinner at Babe's.

Day three was spent at Big Rocks.
The park was walking distance from our RV park and free to enter.

Maddox thinks he's American Ninja Warrior material and had the time of his life jumping, climbing, and scaling rocks.
Beckham did his best to keep up!
Mom came out for a bit and then she went shopping around town...
And we got our feet wet in the dam before walking down to the snow-cone stand for dessert.

David made it in that evening and we finally grilled hamburgers, true camping style.

The boys crashed hard that night and even slept past 8:00 the next morning.

Day four started by supervising Pop making breakfast burritos and eating the bacon before it could be crumbled into the eggs!
They played more whiffle ball at the park with some kids they met there, before heading to the state park.

We were not prepared for the hiking that Dinosaur Valley entailed, but had a blast making do!
The boys loved scaling walls and climbing rocks and taking their shoes off to run through the river.
Maddox could spot the tracks before we could and Beckham loved the big dinosaur statues at the end. We will definitely go back in the right shoes with a lunch packed in the future, and will spend a whole day doing more trails!
It was a lot of fun.

More basketball, more baseball, naps, a weird camper neighbor man, grilled pork chops and a late night game of Mexican Train Dominoes finished off our Saturday.

Day five was for packing, cleaning, hooking up and heading out.
We stopped off at an urgent care in Weatherford for Lance and made it home around 2:00.

It was a great time and hopefully a memorable Spring Break for the boys!

We already can't wait to go camping again!

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