Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A month behind

I am a month behind.  A full month.

As soon as we got back from Red River, we made our way to the water park with the Addington crew.
We swam at our friend Pam's.
We made a trip in to FTW for Pho.
We got some crazy rain, that's unexpected for Texas in June.
And Maddox went to church camp, just in the evenings, and had a blast!
We had a date night with B one of the nights, where he chose Cici's pizza and picked a flower for me.
On the last night of camp-- our whole family got to go.  They gave B a tshirt and let him play on all of the slides with the big kids... and Maddox and I got to represent the purple team on stage.
Back to the water park, we had plans to meet Gunner and Randi-- but Maddox started running a fever and complaining of a sore throat-- and they decided to take a rain check.
My friend Jennifer offered up their season tickets to the Ranger's day game for us girls.
It was hot, and we hardly watched the game-- but we loved our girl time, and the garlic french fries were redic.
Jenn sent me home with sparklers for my boys-- and we ended June, back at Hawaiian Falls with her crew and our pal Chaney.

We started July back at the church.
They put on an awesome 4th of July event, with a zip line (that Maddox shocked us by doing with my friend Mandy's little boy, Kade), bounce houses, trampoline things, water slides, food trucks and an awesome firework show.
The kids loved it!
The next day, Maddox had a dentist appointment in Weatherford.  Mom kept B for me, and Maddox did so good, I told him to pick wherever he wanted to eat.  ...Because he's my child, we had a date at Golden Moon.  I really enjoyed our time together.
I also bought a travel trailer that day.
I use "I" because it was all me... Against all that I typically stand for-- I walked into the bank, asked for a loan, and left 10 minutes later the owner of our first RV.
That's the beauty of small town banking.
Also the beauty of your mom upgrading her RV and you finding out what they were giving her as a trade in, and sliding in to take advantage of the hellofa deal.
July 4th was spent at our friend's Kayla and Camron's house.  It was a great time, with great food, and good enough fireworks for us!
The following night, my sister in love and her family came over with their friends.
My sister brought more fireworks, and we laughed with each other until wee hours of the morning.
Sunday we went to a cookout at Nana's.
I loved laughing with them... and seeing my cousin Ashlin is always a huge bonus!
Summer nights are my favorite-- Minus the mosquitoes, of course.
Maddox turned six on the 10th, and being the procrastinator that I have become, his party isn't until August.
We celebrated with the Eyster sweet thangs, at Hawaiian Falls.
They brought cupcakes and a good time.
We went to a place called Roosters on the square in Decatur that night.

It is hard to believe that Maddox is six. 
He says his favorite color is green, he loves Legos and Minecraft and playing with his brother on their four-wheelers and trampoline.  His favorite foods are pizza and steak.  His favorite sport is soccer.  He wants to be a super hero and an architect when he grows up. And his best friends are Mommy, daddy, and Beckham.

We went to a party on Saturday with our friends, Kristen and Bubba.
These people put on a party of parties.
A gorgeous house, water slide, pool with a bar, live band, yummy food, and the best firework show I have seen.
We left there and swam at our friends'...
Then we introduced our kids to the lost art of toilet papering, at stupid hours of the night.
It was a blast!
Today was Maddox's 6 year check up, and he passed with flying colors-- he's healthy, happy, and we are so ready  for kindergarten.  He was 43.2lbs and 46" tall.  (still tall and skinny)  His BP was 92/50 and HR was 94.
Beckham, however, got into a chocolate bar on the way home, and almost sent me into a psych ward.
He was laughing, yelling, howling, talking like a possessed troll, and out of control.
Call was nuts, he was nuts, and Lance was so tired-- he has been asleep since 7:30.
We are suppose to get rain and cooler temps for the rest of the week-- which means our fun is probably limited to power ranger fights and jumping from every piece of furniture we own like a sugar glider.
Not to mention, a huge mountain lion was spotted on our land yesterday-- so my fear went from wasp stings-- to snake bites-- to cats the size of my car who prowl with intent to rip you hair from your scalp and eat you alive.
I might be talking like possessed troll by Friday, but my sister in law is coming back to town that day and staying with us... So I am looking forward to that!

I think I am back up to date.
I hate getting so behind.

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  1. I always love your waterpark pictures.
    So excited for you about the RV!
    Now I want pho!