Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WIWW, lights and fish

I back entered into the WIWW at the Pleated Poppy last week.  (my first one ever)
pleated poppy
I always enjoy looking through everyone's outfits, but I still feel a little funny posting my own outfits for some reason.
So while I continue warming up to the idea, I am going to enter what my mom wore this week.
(she happened to stop by a few times this week... and I am quick to always snag a pic!)
Maybe that's random, but I thought she was cute--
And you may too!
(I have no idea where her outfits came from-- except the boots, I know they are from Macy's.  I know this because I went to copy her and missed the sale by one. dang. day. )

Moving on...
We took the boys to Texas Motor Speedway to look at lights.
They weren't that great, if I am honest.  But my 3 year old and 7 month old didn't know the wiser and thought they were pretty spectacular!
My pictures stunk...
but here are a few I did catch!

Finally, Thanks to Emily, we took our boys to the newly opened Aquarium at Grapevine Mills mall.
We lucked out, and stumbled upon the rays as they were being fed.
Beckham loved that part-- he just couldn't understand why he couldn't touch them through that glass.
Maddox loved it all... but especially the glass bottom on the ship!
We were so grateful for the tickets... and we able to snag a couple more Christmas presents while we were out.

But I am still not finished.
However, tomorrow is devoted to accomplishing that...


  1. Very cute! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. That family picture is SO cute and SO funny! Maddox is winking and Beckam is laughing so big...and it looks like you and Lance haven't a clue! I think you guys are in for fun times ahead with these two characters! :)

    Your mom is stylin! I like her haircut....she looks my age!

  3. Your mom is adorable! We almost did the TMS lights, but now I'm kind of glad we didn't. Although we did go to Interlochen in Arlington, and it was so disappointing this year. Like you said though, our kids think any lights are awesome, so at least Boyd wasn't disappointed. The aquarium looks neat, I didn't know about it. Love your pictures. Merry Christmas!